måndag 30 mars 2009

Parfumerie Generale - Bois Blonde

In Baggböle outside Umeå, Arboretum Norr is situated, arboretum means a small collection of trees. At Arboretum Norr you can find trees and bushes from the north hemisphere. When we lived in Umeå we often went for picnic to Baggböle and the arboretum that is situated beautifully close to the Umeriver. There was a tree there that I still remember, because it was very beautiful, the golden bird cherry, or in latin Prunus maackii. It has almost golden bark.
So when I´ve got my sample of Parfumerie Generale´s Bois Blonde I come to think about that beautiful tree. Imagine a small forrest of golden bird cherrie trees, in sunny autumn leaves. At least I can´t think of any blonder forrest. But do Bois Blonde really smell like blonde forrest? Or blonde wood? What do blonde wood smell like? Blonde wood are as far as I know trees with light wood. And how the beaytiful golden bird cherry smell, I really don´t know that either, as bird cherry I guess? Bois Blonde is also supposed to smell like hay, but I can´t find any particular smell of hay in it. No, this is more woody, fresh and clean.
For me Boid Blonde can be that blonde wood, and it do remind me of another of PGs perfumes, namely Aomassai. Aomassai could go with the name of Bois Noir, because they are so similar. Aomassai also happens to be one of my favourites, so the question is if Bois Blonde is as good, or better? Or maybe not? It is a question of taste, Aomassai is filled with so much more than wood, there is coffee, candy sugar, spices and a high, clear pureness that I really love. Bois Blonde is like Aomassai without all that goodies in it, like a minimalistic version of Aomassai, but still not, since PGs perfume style is not that minimalistic after all.
Bois Blonde is slightly more fresh than Aomassai, but not brighter. There is sweetness and warmth in Bois Blonde, without getting gourmand. Bois Blonde could be Aomassai for daytime wear, but still to special to wear casual. Don´t think that Bois Blonde is scaled down or discrete, but still a little compared to Aomassai.
I still prefer Aomassai, but also think that Aomassai could be a little challenging in the long run. Maybe if I had big bottles of them both, I would after all use Bois Blonde more often? Well, both of them are longlasting and with good sillage. And I recommend both of them, they are lovely fragrances with a lot of warmth.
I tought for a long time that Aomassai would be the first big bottle I will buy from Parfumerie Generale, but it has got a rival and it isn´t Bois Blonde!

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  1. Bois Blond is my favorite fragrance right now! I get lots of clean hay in the open and glorious golden woods. I think it will be amazing in the summer. I haven't tried Aomassai; it sounds like it would be too much for me.


  2. Aomassai was my "first love" from Parfumerie Generale, so I hope I will have a big bottle fo it some day, but I do like Bois Blonde a lot to. Actuallt I like a lot of PG perfumes... They seem to suit me really well. :)