torsdag 12 mars 2009


Probably I´m not the only one that have heard that you shouldn´t blend different perfumes. It is said that one good perfume + one good perfume become a terrible mess. OK, it isn´t all wrong, but I am so curious and experimental that I can´t stop thinking about how the result will be if I blend some perfumes together.

What works and what works not?

I am quite new to layering perfumes, but I have at least some favourite combinations.

Vivienne Westwood´s Anglomania is an dear old acquainted, but with all perfumes I have I feel somewhat tired of it, but not ready to let go either. So what to do? Well, I´ve mixed Anglomania with Costume National`s Scent Intense and what a great combination I´ve got! Anglomania become a little edgier and at the same time Scent Intense get softer and a bit more sensual. A really good combination, so good that I care to recommend it. I take as much from both of them.

I´ve writed about Ava Luxe´s Nude Musk and Film Noir earlier, they are both really nice. Film Noir is quite demanding and Nude Musk can be a bit precautious. Layer them 50/5o and you got something totally new. I consider both of them as sexy, but together they are even sexier, if possible. Nude Musk is recommended to layering with other perfumes, so it works with a lot of different fragrances, but avoid the sweetest. Perfect to soften up almost anything sharp and strong.

I like the smell of Tauer´s Lonestar Memories, straight from the bottle or on my husband, but not on myself. On me it becomes strong, harsh and difficult to wear. But, try to layer it with IL PROFVMO`s Vanille Bourbon. There is no doubt about that it is still Lonestar Memories as the main character, but all the harshness is gone, without the vanilla more than just there. Super combo! Lonestar Memories has a good longvity and so do Vanille Bourbon. They last and last and last...

Do you like Comme Des Garcon`s Tar? No? To strong? To edgy? To rubbery? Yes, I have had some troubbles with it. It is interesting, but not on me. It seems like men have better skin chemistry for it. Well, layer it with Vanille Bourbon, and what do we got? Something with a small resemblance to Bvlgari´s Black. But here it is a lot moore of rubber and a lot less of vanilla, really, really cool.

Just as Ava Luxe´s Nude Musk, it seems like IL PROFVMO´s Vanille Bourbon can be layered with almost anything that need to be softened up a little. I haven´t yet tried it, but I think it could change a lot of perfumes for men to become nice unisex-fragrances.

Both Nude Musk and Vanille Bourbon have good longvity and therefor are they good to prolong the longvity on other perfumes that lacks that.

Do you have any layering favourites? Or have you mixed perfumes that shouldn´t have been mixed? Do you have any secret perfume that you use to prolong the longvity on other perfumes?

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