onsdag 6 april 2011

Slumberhouse - Vikt and Ore

Another post-apocalyptic figure that have been roaming around in Australia is Tank Girl. As the name suggest, the main character drives a huge tank which also serves as her home. Even if the world in Tank Girl is rather devastated, the mood in the comic is anything but gloomy, rather the other way around. Tank Girl is a mishmash of anarchasex, refreshingly ironic and overall morbid, satiric and pleasantly dysfunctional.

Of course, also in the Tank Girl future, whit lack of water, perfumes probably wouldn´t be the first thing that come in mind. Still, Slumberhouse manage to create fragrances whit such an edgy (post-)modern twist that make me think of these kind of lovely, disturbed characters. They matches since they both are made with a sparkle in the eye, great personality and innovative ideas.

At first I was a little bit afraid of Vikt, since metallic note can become horrid on me. But, the metal in Vikt isn´t of the rusty, iron (smells almost like blood to me) kind, but rather like steal in motion. Like metal that slowly warms up an old mechanic engine dripping of thick, slippery motor oil. And that smells good that is!

With elements of oudh, resins and ravensara the metallic motor scents mixes and becomes softer, warmer and even a little sweet. I also feels something floral in vikt, even though I can´t find anything floral listed (maybe ravensara have floral aspects?). Oudh contributes with a soft and mellow smokiness. Vikt is a quite complex fragrances, and the different notes swirls around in a interesting way, even though the scent itself is quite linear. Vikt has medium staying power and also medium sillage. A must try for anyone looking for different and thrilling fragrances.

Ore is more soft, organic and smooth. But, also very, very screwy and odd. It´s partly inspired by Carmes lip balm (which I haven´t tried), but it´s so much more than a lip balm scent. There is a soft scent reminding of some kind of lip balm (to me it reminds of a certain Swedish lipbalm, maybe it´s similar to Carmex?). Jummy. It´s creamy, sticky and a dash of milkyness. Add black pepper, cocoa and gaiacwood! Shortly speaking, a very personal and different take on gourmand. And also, my personal favorite from Slumberhouse. Ore isn´t like anything I ever encountered in perfume. I´ll need more of this! :)

The cocoa in Ore smells dark, aromatic and slightly bitter, just like whole crushed cocoabeans rather than some soft chocolate. Ore is both mood lifting, comfy and also a little sexy in a strange way (just like Tank Girl).

Longevity and sillage as the others from Slumberhouse. Ore is the most feminine of them, without being that feminine. Ore would work on people in all ages looking for a different, personal and cool gourmand. Ore is among the most different I´ve tried, and without loosing in wearability. I really hope to wear Ore a lot during autumn and winter.

I´m sure Tank Girl would love both Vikt and Ore. And I´m sure you´ll regret if you don´t get some samples of Slumberhouse scents!

Which Tank Girl do you prefer, the comic or the movie? Imagine having a mutant kangaroo boyfriend!?

Pic: Tank Girl, Jamie Hewlett

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  1. Thanks for reviewing these scents. I've been wondering if they are any good. Now you make them sound even more interesting.

    I'm not familiar with Tank Girl though... but the idea of "post-apocalyptic scents" is fascinating!


  2. Katriina: There is a Tank Girl movie also and I think it´s kind of cool and cute. Post-apocalyptic is really interesting and Slumberhouse makes perfumes like there is no flowers anymore. :)