onsdag 6 april 2011

Slumberhouse - Jeke

Mel Gibson is one of those middle aged, well known actors that manage to make a fool of them self lately. Mel, is maybe not in the dignity of Charlie Sheen in doing so, but not far from it. But if we try to forget about nowadays Mel Gibson and instead goes back in time, all the way back to 1979. There we can find a young Mel Gibson, starring in the Australian movie Mad Max.

In case some of you haven´t seen it, Mad Max is taking place in a dystopic future, mostly on Australian highways and in the desert. Law and order is a joke, and people are fighting about the rare sources of gasolin. Mel Gibson plays a young, disillusioned cop.

Well, I kind of realise that no one would have even the remotest interest in perfumes during these circumstances (except of maybe some rare survived perfume nerd), but still the new indieperfume line, Slumberhouse has manage to create a fragrance that would have suited Mad Max Rockatansky (what a name!) as a hand fits a worned leather glove, namely Jeke.

I´m really impressed. Jeke might not be really my kind of fragrance, but there´s no doubt about this being a well made fragrance with integrity, sentiment and soul (and what a thrilling dark sould that is).It´s powerful, masculin, darker then dark, interesting and still much easier to wear and enjoy then most scent similar to it that I´ve tried.

Jeke is brimful with dark, aromatic tobacco, real deal patchouli, I can sense smoke, leather and even whittered asphalt (if only in my imagination maybe?). Jeke is raw, genuin and still I find little glimpses of sweetness in it, some soft woody notes and a hint of juniper. Maybe there is hope after all?

Still, most parts of Jeke is heavy, saturated and concrete, I can´t find any soft and light top notes. Jeke makes me want to wearf my old leather jacket and my most worned old Dr Martens. Still, Jeke is a little to heavy and domination for me to wear casually. On my dear husband it smells incredible good, sexy and dirty.

Jeke is fairly masculine, still women that like heavy, dark tobacco scents with elements of charred wood and dystopia should of course give Jeke a try. Jeke has medium longevity about 4-5 hours on me, and medium sillage. Jeke also makes me want a Mad max-marathon, besides the first movie there are two followers as well, and at least part two was also quite good. Of course wearing Jeke.

You can order Jeke and other Slumberhouse fragrances (and samples) at http://www.indiescents.com/brands/Slumberhouse.html

Also you can find out more about Slumberhouse here: http://slumberhou.se/

This kind of indie lines makes me really happy, and I sure hope Slumberhouse is here to stay.

What dystopic, post-apocalytic future vision is your favorite? Movie, litterature och comic? Do you have any fragrances you associates with that kind of fiction?

Pic: Mel Gibson in Mad Max

4 kommentarer:

  1. This takes me back, to The Ballad of Halo Jones. Haven't thought about it in years.

    I'd have to dig out the graphic novel version and think about a perfume ... otherwise the scent will be of damp clothes and old books in a down-at-heel comic shop!

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna, I love when fragrances talks to me this way, and Slumberhouse frags really do.

    I hope you find a copy. :) But otherwise, that smell is kind of cozy...

  3. I ordered the sample collection of Slumberhouse colognes. I am very curious to try Jeke, and Ore too.

    Thanks for writing the entertaining review too.

    (P.S. Why does it seem like all the male hollywood actors are having mid-life crisis at the same time?)

  4. I have purchased all of the samples and loved them too much... However, I have gone (just now) to indiescents as the etsy account that he had seems to be dead :( I am so glad that I found this discussion before I bought an inferior scent. Jeke has to be my favourite it reminds me of a tepid night, a bottle of scotch and the smell of a good quality tobacco. It oozes appeal whether it is purely because you just can't quite put your finger on what exactly 'it' is