fredag 1 april 2011

Ginestet - Botrytis

Do you like honey? I´m not a honey lover, even though I use honey occationally in food and baking. Pure and natural honey have a very special taste and aroma, if you put your nose in a honeypot you´ll discover that the actual scent is really special, complex and without doubt, animalic. Yes, you can smell a faint urine like scent in there.

Maybe that´s why honey in perfumes often seem to be covered up with a lot of strong, spicy and dominating notes?

Well, anyway in Ginestet´s Botytris I can´t find any of that odour. still, Botytris is filled with warm, golden and aromatic honey. Honey so soft, light and sweet. In the opening there is nothing else then this lovely honey note.

Some where in the fragrances Botytris becomes more saturated, filled with -not so loud- spices and a delicate, subdued tobacco note. Botytris is a fragrances for us that like it sweet, but it´s not THAT sweet, only just enough (according to me). Eventually it become a little darker and I can also smell some ambra and vanilla, still honey has the main role from start to end.

During drydown, the honey in fact dries down and becomes powdery, dry and very delicate. Now, botytris smells like the most amazing honey caramels with some vanilla and mouthwatering spices also. Such a perfect and enjoyable comfort scent...

Botytris is some kind of noble rot that infest grapes and then contributes to give the wine a very special and deep sweetness. Ginestet offers besides of Botytris to toher wine inspired scents, Sauvignonne and Le Boise. Besides that, Ginestet is probably more known fore their wines then their perfumes.

Botytris is a must try if you´re looking for a softer take on honey. I do recommend it to anyone with a liking of sweet and gourmand fragrances. Will probably work well on men too. Botytris has OK longevity, about 3-4 hours on me and the sillage is medium. Botytris would be a perfect comfort scent during autumn and winter.

Pic:honeycomb, greenhealthspot

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