fredag 22 april 2011

Parfumerie Generale - Tonkamande

Now and then I can buy a Yankee Candle in the scent Clean Cotton and put it in my combined bathroom/laundry room, I think it smells fresh and cozy, but usually (very unusual I would say) that not the kind of scent I like to wear as a perfume. Until now, that is.

Parfumerie Generale has recently launched two new limited editions, Praline de Santal and Tonkamande. Praline de Santal smells odd to say the least, but it´s not for me, it gets almost weird, like a very chunky/chewy müslibar dripped in sticky dark syrup. Yet, branflake or strong rye note isn´t THAT commonly used in fragrances, so if this sounds interesting you should at least try it.

Tonkamande on the other hand, oh lala, so beautiful, so clean, crisp and yet warm, sweet and powdery gourmand also.

Partly it smells like old scool bed linen, when people (women mostly I belive) really made an art out of washing their bed linen.Like it smelled in the washhouse when my mother mangled her sheets in the huge stone mangle, when I was about seven years old. People younger then me maybe not even remeber those? Well, Tonkamande also smells like crisp, white bed linen at a really luxurious hotel. Sparkling, clean, white and fresh.

Also Tonkamande brings a feeling of walking up a sand dune during a perfect summer day, reaching the top and look out over the never ending blue sea and the perfectly golden beach below and realise that you (and your best company of choise) will have the perfect beach totally for yourself all day, even though it´s the best summerday.

This kind of fragrances has been made before, but I haven´t got so many referenses to "clean scents", for instant I´ve hardly try any of the popular Clean-fragrances. Even though i think Pierre Guillaume manage to create a perfect clean fragrance, there is more to it, then that.

Beneath the surface of clean whiteness and a perfect beach, there is also a delicate element of the most delish, melting and powdery littel almond cookie you can imagine. sweet, mellow and so good, but Tonkamande is far from being to sweet or too gourmand. It has a rather dry almond note (very likeable). OOOOOOOh this is so good. I can hardly stay away from my small sample and I sure wish I could afford buying a big bottle of it and drench myself in it (or at least with it) during the rest of spring and all summer.

I think it´s kind of funny how my preferences is chagning over time, today i bleive it´s possible to find at least one perfect fragrances even in the most obscure and far from myself fragrance cathegories. tonkamande happend to be the perfect scent for me within the clean type of scents. I can´t reallu understand why I love it so much (after all it is a very clean frag), but sometimes you just let loose and go with the flow...

Good sillage (even from my dab on sample)this is not a shy skinscent, lasting power is good (about 8 hours on me). I do recommend it to everyone liking clean scents, but also if you don´t, give it a try, maybe a surprise waiting for you. Also the combination between clean and gourmand is quite different. Tonkamande is rather feminine, but don´t let that stop you, if you´re a guy. Maybe not the perfect scent to the leather outfit though, or perhaps just the right!?

Fow now I don´t have any money, but you bet I want a FB of this or at least half a bottle if I find someone that would like to split.

As you can udnerstand it was a total surprise to me to become so impressed, do you have aperfume love that is far from your usual preferences?

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  1. Lovely review. I also sometimes buy the cotton candles from Yankee and BBW for my house, but have never thought I would want to wear a perfume that smells clean! I may need to give this a try. I'm especially intrigued by the dry almond note you describe.

  2. Something must be in the air: just yesterday there was a nice review of another clean perfume at Olfactoria's Travels. Power is in numbers, right? Now I feel compelled to look for something like that.
    As to the perfume loves, I think I'm still too unexperienced with perfumes: my loves and likes are all over the map. So far I have one strong dislike - a tuberose, so I'm yet to meet a tuberose-centered fragrance to like. Other than that - I'm very open to different scents.

  3. Ooh! Ooh! And I can't buy perfume until August! Oh, noooooo!

    Lovely review, though.

  4. anotherperfumeblog: It have been the same for me until now, clean usually smells good, but in a boring way (according to me), Tonkamande brings "clean" to a new level. At least on my skin. :)

  5. Undina: Maybe clean will be the new oudh? :) Nah, I don´t think so. But it seems like niche perfume lines ahven´t been so interested in clean, so I guess it could be a part with lot of potential.

    If you´re looking for a different take on tuberose I suggest you to try L'Artisan´s Nuit de Tubereuse, Honore des Pres Vamp a NY, and the tuberose trio from Histoires de parfums. Maybe you have tried them allready? But they´re pretty different all of them.

  6. Chickenfreak: My perfume budget is like it looks now down to zero the coming monhts, so I don´t now when I can buy any new bottles either. Thank god for swapping! :)

    Tonkamande is gorgeous, I can´t stop thinking about it and I´ve only got about 1/4 of a ml left!!! :(

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