lördag 5 mars 2011

Ormonde Jayne - Osmanthus

There are few fragrances that makes me miss summer as much as Ormonde Jaynes Osmanthus. Over all most of Ormonde Jaynes tropical inspired fragarnces has a very summery feeling to me.

In osmanthus you find the combination of citruses with flower, a combo I usually likea a lot. One problem with that kind of scents is that they can have very short and fleeting staying power, another is that the soft and whispery start is followed by way to heavy and dark basenotes that doesn´t seem to match the rest of the fragrance well. Osmanthus have neither of these problems and the very soul and heart of the scent remains true from start to end.

Osmanthus is much more then just a cute, citrusfloral for summery wear. Osmanthus feels both moodlifting and sensual at the same time. Osmanthus has "it". Among all Ormonde Jayne fragrances, Osmanthus feels like the most youthful, but still manage to be a fragarnces that suits women in all ages. It is partly timeless, but still with some retro vibes that makes me think about slender women in long white dresses and parasolls from the time somewhere around the early 20ieth century. Osmanthus is romantic, saturated, happy and very beautiful.

In Osmanthus you can find notes of davana, pomelos, osmanthus, jasmine, vetiver, musk, cedar and labdanum. There is a note that shows up and to me it smells like a softer version of tobacco. This makes the fragrance a little caramellised, and it´s so gorgeous. Could it be the davana? Even though it´s listed as a top note... (My skin pick up sweet notes very easy)

Towards the base, the florals become less flowering and come to rest, becomes softer and dryer, the citrus fleets away and vetiver contributes with a vauge greenish and dry feeling.

Oh, how I wish that the summer comes soon! I belive that Osmanthus, but also Champaca as well as Frangipani and Tiare comes much more to their right in warmer weather.

Osmanthus has good lasting power (6-8 hours) and good sillage (much more noticable then the shy Champaca). If you love citrus and flowers you must try Osmanthus. I belive everyone, both men and women can find at least on favorite among the wonderful perfume treasure of Ormonde Jayne´s.

Osmanthus, Champaca and all of the others are well made perfumes with high quality ingrediences and a big sense of belonging. Still, my personal favorite is Ormonde Woman, which you can read about here: http://perfumenerd.blogspot.com/2009/10/ormonde-jayne-ormonde-woman.html

You can find out about Ormonde Jaynes line of fragrances and gorgeuos (at least they seem gorgeous to me) body products here: http://www.ormondejayne.com/

This month Ormonde Jayne also offers a complimentary 10 ml purse spray of Osmanthus to everyone that buys a full bottle of Osmanthus parfum or eau de parfum. Here´s a link: http://www.ormondejayne.com/enews/2011/mar/030311_oj_march_promo.html?utm_campaign=March%2B-%2BPurse%2BSpray%2Bpromo%2B2011&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email

Do you have any personal Ormonde Jayne favorite? And what about the bath oil, has anyone tried it?

Coming up: Some classic fragrances and there after some really luxurious scents.

Pic: osmanthus

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