söndag 20 mars 2011

A small draw to celebrate the spring!

Finally it feels like spring it´s on it´s way. I really hope this lovely sunny weather stay with us for a while. Now it´s time for springflowers and no more snow!

Now, when winter is going towards it´s end, I also start to feel for some other kinds of fragrances. Today was the first time since last summer I longed to wear Bond No 9´s Coney Island. Do you have any spring or summer fragrances that you feel it´s finally time for?

Some of the scents I´ve been writing about from around Christmas until now I won´t use as much during spring, while others will be so nice to wear in warmer weather. I belive I´ll use Cruel Gardenia with pleasure during april as well as several of Ormonde Jayne´s fragrances. Frazer parfum have several perfumes with a kind of refreshing feel and I think they´ll be beautiful during summer. When (or if) I comes to London I´ll go to Roja Dove´s at Harrods and ask how much a bottle of Frazer Parfum is...

Puredistance I that I wrote about just days ago will be so nice during spring and summer, so will Iris Ukioje that I bought when I was in Stockholm.

Some of the fragrances I have wrote about isn´t that easy to get, so I will give away a small set of samples to one winner (here and the Swedish blog).

The winner will have: One sample (1 ml) of Femme by Rochas (vintage), one sample (1 ml) of Shalimar (vintage), one sample of Cerchi Nell'Acqua´s White Out, one sample (1 ml) of Sigilli´s Claudiae, one small sample (0,5 ml) of Guerlain´s Cruel Gardenia, one small sample (0,5 ml) of Iris Ukioje and one small sample (0,5 ml) of Puredistance I.

Leave a comment below, and I´ll draw one winner at thursday 24th of march, tell me something about spring or winter favorites.

Good Luck!

Pic: krokus i snö, J.Larsson

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  1. I bought samples of Malle's Carnal Flower and MillerHarris' L'Air de Rein last winter, dabbed them on (Not on the same day!), thought they were way too intense for me to wear in public and put them away. It was disappointing. I like many strong perfumes and really wanted to be able to wear these.
    I know that perceptions of perfume can change depending on the weather so I tried both samples when it finally got nice and warm outside. OH! they were so beautiful and I wore them all summer!
    Now winter has passed again without me wearing them and I'm so excited to feel the days get warmer as spring comes so that I can wear CF an L'AdR for a few months : )

  2. I am still waiting for a sunny Spring day to put on La Chasse aux Papillons. I am also wearing a lot of Mimosa based scents in early Spring (Mimosa pour Moi, Mimosa Estrel, Tiare Mimosa).

  3. I've been thinking about trying more mimosa and violet perfumes this spring. I'm looking for a bit strange, cool but earthy violet. Apres L'Ondee was my favorite last spring.


  4. My spring fragrances this year are irises: Acqua di Parma's Iris Nobile as well as Prada Infusion d'Iris. I have a sample of uncle Serge's Iris Silver Mist waiting, too. also on the list is to try some mimosas, Mimosa pour moi and Annick Goutal's. Enjoy reading your blog!


  5. My spring favourite notes seem to vary every year. Last year spring I was all over with craving for violets. This year my taste(sniff)buds are tuned for jasmine and complex florals. I like the thought of owning best jasmine fragrances I haven't tasted, but the reviews have increased my lust for them (A la Nuit, Sarrasins, Nuda, Rubj). I'd like to own Alien Sunessence Saphir Soleil at the moment, as well as Jo Malone's creations. Couple of Ineke's and Tokyo Milk's perfumes tickle my fancy at the moment as well.
    From my own, realistic posessions - I like to wear Halloween and V Ete,as well as very springy Jelisaveta.


  6. Hi R.!

    Winter fav - can't decide but something like: Black orchid, Black cashmere, Sensi and Hypnose.

    Spring fav - hmm... Code, Noa, Malabah, Omnia Crystaline.

    Yeah, something like this :)

  7. My spring favourite fragrances are usually that ones fig based:so Jardin de Kerylos by PG, Jo Malone Fig and Cassis, Fig by Jacobs, the FIg by Heeley, by Artisan and Diptyque

    The winter ones:Geisha Noir by Aroma M, Labdanum by Le labo, and Tolu by O.J.

    kisses Maria from Italy

  8. Cymbaline: Glad to hear that you finally liked them. Some fragrances comes so much more to their best in warmer weather, while other seem to thrive in the cold of winter.

    You´re in the draw.

  9. a.k.a Warum: Yes, that is a beautiful scent for warmer weather. On me it´s unfortunatly not so longlasting, so I use to say it´s as short as a Swedish summer...

    And of course you´re also added. :)

  10. Catterina: Xerjoff´s Oesel is a beautiful (but very expensive) mimosa, I also like Kenzo Summer it´s really nice in summer. :)

  11. Natalia: I love iris fragrances, have you tried FMs Iris Poudre is so smoth, creamy and soft. Iris Silver Mist I tried some years ago, but just find it to be very strange, but maybe I would like it better if I tried it now, when I´m a little more used to strange scents....

  12. solocha: I´m also like that, last spring I was all about D'Orsay Tilleul, and even though I still want a FB of it, I don´t have the same cravings as last spring. When it comes to jasmine I was totally smitten by Frazer parfums Jasmine & Nutmeg and I belive it´s a really, really expensive scent (haven´t found any price for it yet) still I would buy it at once if I had the opportunity. Oh, well until then I have to settle with a bottle of Armani Prive Eclat de Jasmine (blindbuy, hope I get it by the end of this week). Have you tried it?

  13. Bellatrix: All your winter favorites makes me thinkg about thick, soft and dark velvet and that is so suitable for winter. :)Among your spring scents, I don´t think I´ve heard of Malabah before, what is it?

  14. Maria: Until recently I haven´t been that much in to fig scents, but then I got a sample of Philosykos and suddenly I realised I liked it. So now I have to search out fig note a little better. :)

    And I really love Labdanum, it´s so warm and golden...


    All of you are of course entered in the draw!

  15. My spring favourites are ones that have narcissus or hyacinth. Right now I can't get enough of Le Temps d'un Fete.

  16. I celebrated the Vernal Equinox with Lily-of-the-Valley edp by Crabtree & Evelyn.
    They're discontinuing this and Wisteria here in the UK (and already have a replacement edt for LotV on their website.)

    It's been a lovely bright Spring day here too. Perfect.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  17. I'm thinking Annick Goutal's Folavril for Spring...The weather has been lovely here in Southern Arkansas for a few days and I pulled it out to get ready for next week to wear on April Fool's Day!

  18. kjanciki: have tou tried Neil Morris Rainflower, it´s a lovely wet, green with hyacinth. One of my favorite spring time scents.

  19. Anna: Lily of the valley is somewhat a "problem" note on me, it can become almsot cloying and headachy. :( But, in some fumes it works. Overall I think I prefer natural lily of the valley, even though they´re still some months away...

  20. I would love to find something that smells "beachy" without being too airy. Of course, not having a clearer idea than that makes it hard to find! :) (P.S. I'm having a draw on my fledgling blog too, if you'd like to stop by!)

  21. I've become very interested in Tuberose scents this spring. Particularly Vamp a NY Eau de Parfum. LeanS12(at)gmail(dot)com