söndag 14 november 2010

Shahrzad Palace Perfumes - Royal Ambar

A reader commented that bargains could be the worst enemy of a perfumista. And I partly agree, I do have my share of bottles bought or swapped unsniffed that turned out to be not my cup of tea. But, I also got bottles I didn´t had any high expectations about that from nowhere suddenly manage to become a personal favorite.

Roayl Ambar from Shahrzad Palace Perfumes is such a scent. Unfortunatly this is the only of the five bottles that haven´t stand the test of time so good, the cap is broken and almost half of the liquid has evaporate (or been used?), but of course that makes the remainings even more dear.

Susprisingly, Royal Ambar is so similar to another favorite, Ambra Nera from Farmacia Annunziata. The same kind of complex, warm and animalic amber scent. As long as I have something left of Royal Ambar there´s no need for me to invest in abottle of Ambra Nera (whish is on my toplist). I don´t have much left of my sample of Ambra Nera so I havn´t compared tghe two side by side.

Royal Ambar is an erotic, warm, comfy and glowing oriental scent with elements of creamy coconut and sun salt skin, dark sweetness and sensual delight. A perfect comfort scent during the dark time of year.

Not so good is the fact that Royal Ambar has kind of a sticky oil base and also that I discover a weak note of something chalky when smeling it up close, but that note isn´t noticable from some distant. Besides that I have nothing but good things to say about it. Lasting power is amazing, at least 24 hours or even more, a little amount goes a long way and the two animalic scents in the colection is almost thick.

Pic: spermwhale, itsnature.org

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  1. Hello!

    I wanted to congratulate you on taking a chance and buying unknown scent; it is lovely to see that you are enjoying your bargain and that is the reward, isn't it? You took the risk and it paid off.

    It'll be fascinating to see further reviews of these new unfamiliar scents, and maybe someone will be able to provide more background information on them for you.

    Thanks for taking a chance and sharing your experiences.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna: I´ll use Royal Ambar a lot, is spot on my favorite type of amber scent.