torsdag 18 november 2010

Etat Libre d'Orange - Like This

I´m not always that fast with perfume news here. There are a lot of new releases all the time and of course I´m not interested in all of them. And there is alot of thing that can come in between when I find something new that interests me, like some bargains at Ebay or Tradera... another "unknown" perfume brand I just have to write about or some really good samples in a swap... By the time I order the new scents, they´re not actually new to anyone... but me.

Etat libre d'Orange´s Like This is one of those scents. It was released a while ago and by now it feels like everyone have tried it. Anyway I was really curious about it, Tilda Swinton seem to be a very different kind of celbrity, both her look and what she chose to work with. And that she chosen to aks Etat libre d'Orange to make her scent is also really appropriate and cool. But this isn´t news anymore and I´ve decided to fokus on the scent itself.

Like This isn´t at all as I thought it would be. with notes of ginger, pumpkin, immortelle, vetiber and helioptrope I belived it would be really warm, sweet and autumnal and kind of strong-w
sweet. But it´s not, at least not on me.

On me Like This becomes spicy in a subtle way, pale in an interesting way, citrus sweet, soft, caressing, sensual, gourmand, lovely odd and different and a little, little hint of naughtyness. There is something hotspicy beneath the creamy, soft surface. Actually it´s really suitable for a pale redhead like Tilda Swinton. A scent for strawberry blond hair, pale frequels, soft clothes in creamy nuances, a comfy chair in front of a fireplace and a ginger colored housecat in the lap while reading an adventure novel...

Like This isn´t what I expected, it is at least as good as I hoped. I´ll use it a lot even though I´m not a pale redheaded beuty. At least I can pretend to be when I´m wearing it.

This is so interesting and each time I use it I discover new things about it. There isn´t much left in the little sample I ordered some weeks ago. Like This have manage to get a spot quite high on my wish list, maybe I´ll go for a decant at first, but eventually I want a big bottle of Like This.

Like This is great to wear this time of year, but since it´s quite subtle I think it could work all year round. Somehow it reminds me of Bois Farine, as uniqe and different, still soft but still longlasting. If you like Bois Farine I think you really have to try Like This! Lasting power is good and sillage is medium (from my dab on sample).

Maybe you allready have tried Like This? What´s your opinions about it? I suspect it can be that kind of fragrance you either like a lot or not care for at all...

Pic: Flaming June

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  1. I haven't tried Like This. I only recently read about it. I may have to get a sample myself.

  2. Glad you liked it, Annelie! I think it might be a little too subtle for me - I love ginger, and I want it to hit me over the head! On the other hand, I love the fact that the extremely unconventional Ms. Swinton has become famous, and I wish I adored the perfume, so I could support Etat Libre's celebrating such an unusual person... hmmm... may have to try it again.