tisdag 9 november 2010

Amouage - Memoir Woman

Today I´m going to write about Amouage´s Memoir Woman, but before I do I just have to chatter a little.

First of all I´ve become an aunt again, to a sweet little baby girl, born on the other side of the world, in Chile. I´m so happy that everything went well and both mother and baby is feeling fine. Now I have to wait and see how long it´ll take before I´ll meet my newest little relative. Anyway, I have allready see pics of her, Facebook is great!

And, me and two of my daughters vistied Stockholm this Saturday and had so much fun. Times really fly when you have fun and we didn´t really manage to visit all the shops we had plan to visit. I almost didn´t test any perfumes at all! But, I had plenty of that on my latest trip to Stockholm anyway.

And, last but not least, I bought a set of "Egyptian perfume essences" on Tradera (Swedish Ebay), for about 2,50 €. For that amount of money I don´t really care if the scents are stale and old smelling and waisted, the bottles and the box are worth the money alone. But my little set arrived yesterday and I´m so excited about them that I can´t hardly think about anything else! They (all five of them) smell amazing! I´ll write more about them some other day and probably I´ll hand out some samples of these amazing "essences" (some kind of perfume oils in my opinion). Don´t miss it!!!

Oh well, Amouage... any returning reader knows that I haven´t fallen that hard for Amouage´s exclusive and rich charm. In fact, I have only really liked one scent from Amouage this far, and that is Reflection, which after all isn´t really my kind of scent, and even though I like it, I have never planned to buy more of it. The others I´ve tried are without doubt very rich smelling, well made and smelling really good, but not really my style. But now, I´ve found an Amouage suitable for me, Amouage Memoir Woman.

Memoir Woman is different from anything else I´ve tried from Amouage which have been huge florals with some kind of golden feeling to them. Memoir Woman is nothing like that at all...

With top notes of absinthe and citus folowed bu jasmine, rose, cinnamon, cardamom and clove, Memoir Woman is called a modern chypre, even though I don´t really agree with that.

On me it becomes strangely dreamy, floating, dusty (in a good way), spicy, aromatic and fairytale-like. A scent for a goth princesse, with pale powdered face elegant funerals and lingering mountain roads with dramatic cliffs. This scent is what you should wear if you where invited to a party at Count Draculas place. Oh no, Memoir Woman isn´t a happy, bubbly kind of scent, at least it doesn´t ewoke such emotions at me. No this is melancholy, yearning and a woman standing in the storm on an abandoned dock and waiting and waiting and waiting for that ship that never arrives. The sad queen wandering the empty hallways and rooms of the abandoned castle morning her dead king kind and all the dead little princes...

Amouage´s Memoir Woman triggers both imagination and sadness for me, this is a scent I would wear if I ever tried to write some horror novels, actually Memoir Woman inspires me to write that kind of litterature. A muse for horror writers is fairly accurate...

It´s suggestive and adorable in an un-expected way. On me the note of clove can be too dominating, either smelling to much of dust and smoke or to spicy and antiseptic, but in Memoir Woman it manage to stay away from that road. Insted it´s creating a caressing weil together with cinnamon and cardamom, both subtle, sensual and sad at the same time. Like a fragile and grey butterfly.

memoir Woman is a scent worth trying for anyone having some weak spot for darkness and melancholy, but also a must try if you haven´t really manage to find any fave among the other Amouage offerings. There is also a Memoir Man, but I haven´t tried it. Anyway, I belive Memoir Woman can be worn by man to, it isn´t that feminine. It last really good, almost all day and sillage is also good but not to much (at least not from my little dab on sample).

I´m having troubble to smell the musk, oakmoss and leather in the base, on me Memoir Woman is fairly linear but at the same time swirling.

Which is your favorite Amouage scent this far? Do you think they are over prices and not really worth that much money? I belived so before, but however, Memoir has changed my mind, even though I doubt I´ll ever have a big bottle of it, but a big decant would be nice.

Pic: whatthefuckiswater

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  1. My favourite so far is still Lyric and it's also one of my all time favourite perfumes. :) Unfortunately, I still haven't decided to buy a bottle...

  2. Ines: They are quite expensive, but I hope I´ll get a decant of Memoir anyway, it´s so cool. Quite different from other Amouage I´ve tried.