tisdag 16 november 2010

Shahrzad Palace Perfumes - Jasmin

Just like the violet from Shahrzad Palace Perfumes, Jasmin is also a bright high tuned and clean scent. The top notes are almost piercingly vibrant and radiant. Despite that this is some kind of perfume oil, is reminds a little of Thierry Mugler´s Alien, but more natural.

Once again I´m strucked with the fact that something that had been tucked in in the bottom of a wardrobe for many years can smell so fresh, so good and so new! Shouldn´t oils been spoiled eventually!? Apperantly not these anyway. I really enjoy the top notes on this jasmine scent, they are like listening on some kind of opera in a strange but very beautful language.

The heart of this fragrance is a little more laidback, with sweet notes of juicy peach and some dry flower petals. As the violet scent, this isn´t the most complex jasmine to be found. Rather a jasmine svent for people prefering natural, clean and simple jasmine.

I become almost most impressed by the Jasmin of the five, since the top notes are so extremly high tuned and radiant, but depsite that I think I wont use Jasmin so oiften since I´ve got a bunch of other jasmine faves.

But among the five I´m least impressed with the Lotus Flower, not that it´s anything wrong with it. But, it´s just a weak aquatic scent and do nothing for me.

I do realise that these scents aren´t likely to be tried by so many of you. Even though I like to try rare scents, it´s kind of dull not to hear others opinions about them...

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3 kommentarer:

  1. They sound great - and they give you a chance to try a little layering too (a dab of jasmine with a touch of amber, perhaps?). Such fun in return for your small-change. Well done.

    Good luck with finding your next unusual perfume bargain.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna: It´s hard to belive that an old perfume oil can have such clear and piercing scent...

  3. Rebella: Well most likely perfume oils gets concentrated as it olds depends on its concetration level as well as the environment. So, as it gets old there are some cases that it has much stronger scent (like its evaporating and gets much concentrated) or lesser (if left exposed or placed in a no-good place for them).