onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Scent by the Sea

What I am about to admit will probably lead to that readers of my blog become convinced of that I am suffering from multipersonal disorder. Well, I´m not as far as I know. What is it that I will confess? Oh well, among all other things I have some attraction to I also have an attraction to hippies, hippie style and hippie music. Is there really anyone that gets surprised? Maybe you want me to write a list of all alternative styles and subcultures that I´ve been drawn to over the years, so you know what to expect... On the other hand you would be so tired of all the scrolling so I think even the most commited reader will lose interest long before the middle of the list!

Scent by the Sea is another seller on Etsy that offers a big selection of perfume oils: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5482958

Besides all other little project that I have, one of them is to going trough the most of the perfume and perfume oils sellers on Etsy. I´m aware of the time consuming point of that project, but I´ve got a lot of time. Etsy sellers offers a lot of good things, low prices, big selection and nice and easy to communicate with. It´s small-scaled and personal in a way I really like.

Well, I can´t like everything from Etsy that I´ve try, no matter how idealistic and handmade-romantic I try to be.

I ordered a sample-pack from Scent by the Sea (situated in Redondo Beach, California it´s kind of wow) with ten different perfume oils: Salome, Cioccolata, Morpheus, Patchouli Rose, Jasmine, Lolita, Violet, Dark Patchouli, Green Tea and Sweet Hashish. That´s quite a lot of oils to try for only ten bucks. The oils comes in pretty little brown bottles, with a beautiful tag around and put in a nice organza pouch. I think the bottles empty, the tags and the pouch alone is worth more than ten dollar!

I have to admit that for ten dollar I really cant expect a perfume experience in world class. And I didn´t get one either. Violet and Jasmine is screamingly sweet and smells according to the price. My youngest daughter wich is about to become as perfume nerdy as me like Ciccolata tough with it´s sweet, chocolaty and jummy smell.

But my favourites among the perfume oils are, not so unexpected I think, Dark Patchouli, Patchouli Rose and Sweet Hashish.

As a patchouli scent I guess that Dark Patchouli is pretty close to the smell of a hippie and that´s fine with me. I find it to be dark, mushy, earthy, slightly brisk and I´ve got a witchy feeling from it. It´s a strong scent and I like to wear it when I take my long walks with the dog and my husband.

Patchouli Rose is softer, rounder and sweeter, but still more of a patchouli scent than a rose scent. I´ve get hints of vanilla and over all Patchouli Rose is a pleasant scent, and nice to layer with Dark Patchouli.

But I don´t think either Dark Patchouli or Patchouli Rose is something for the one´s that don´t like patchouli. I am really in to patchouli in different shapes so Dark Patchouli and Patchouli Rose is right up my alley. For a strong and powerful patchouli, I think Dark Patchouli is a really good alternative.

Anyway, my biggest favourite among the perfume oils I´ve tried from Scent by the Sea is Sweet Hashish. And Sweet Hashish isn´t less of hippie than patchouli? I don´t really think that Sweet Hashish smells of hashish, no it smells of a full-bodied, sweet, rich and candylike tobacco. And oh yeah, this one I really like! I could drink it! Honestly this little sample os worth the ten dollars easily. This is as goos as it get´s for that price, or actually in my opinion, much better. Sweet Hashish is a comfy, warm and slightly changing scent. There is hints of fruity pear, vanilla, fudge, amber and golden tobacco. A scent to wrap you up with when the autumn comes closer (today it´s really grey and rainy here).

It´s really nice to layer Sweet Hashish with Dark Patchouli, if you prefer a tobacco with some edge. *hehe* That is real hippie I think.

I realise that young, fresh and trendy perfumista-girls maybe don´t want to go around and smell like hippies, but I´m not young or fresh or trendy so for me it works just fine.

All the perfume oils from Scent by the Sea got a big sillage and last long, two really small drops will do it. They are nice to layer with each other.

The pic above is from Milos Forman´s movie "Hair". I think I have watched it about ten times, still it´s a movie that makes me really happy, but also sad. How many times have you seen it? None? Well, you must see it, really. And be sure to put a drop of Dark Patchouli on one wrist and a drop of Sweet Hashish on the other.

Pic: From the movie Hair

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