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Magickal Realism

Among all the other things I´ve done in my life, I was during a period of my life attracted to witches, magical herbs, strange salves and witchcraft. Well, to be honest I still have some drawing left to witchcraft, but I never have become passionate about it. It is among those almost-interest I´ve got, usually they stay under the surface, but now and then they remind me of their existence. My first witch-period was when I had two toddlers, one school kid, a crazy dog, a cat, chickens and a house in the countryside (well I had the same husband as now, but he was and still are kind of selfgoing). Sounds just perfect to be into witchery in those surroundings, right? But, no... all I´ve really had time to was all the kids and the animals. So when it come to witchery, I´ve really never crossed the line, as I did with my perfume interest that went from modest to passionate over a night.

This partly explains why I have a drawing towards mushy perfume oils with strange name, something a lot of other perfumistas frown at. Those names make my imagination spinn and I want them as much as I want the most expensive and hard to get perfumes.

Another perfume lover at Fragrantica suggested Magickal Realism to me. Magickal Realism has a small perfume shop at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=93472

You must check it out! All those amazing names and how much they have to offer! I´ve ordered a small sample pack with five of the most popular oils; If, Coffee Wonderful, Sex & Politics, Zombie Repellent and Vampire Groupie (aka Fang Banger). All the oils are 100% natural and that I´ve noticed. The olis had to be shaken before use, so that they blend together a little. For me it looks genuin and interesting, but some of you may sigh YUCK! This is as far away from putting the perfume at a piedestahl and I like it... also. In my world of perfumed goodies there is room for any ol´kinds...

Now it happens to be that Magickal Realism´s perfume oils not only have cool and interesting names, they also smell really interesting and good and for a really long time considering they´re 100% natural. Magickal Realism probably offers among the best you can find in natural perfumery. I can´t understand why this wonderful perfume maker hasn´t become more well knowned?

Among the one´s I´ve tried I have to admit that Vampire Groupie (Fang Banger) is horrible! On me it smells almost like Etat Libre d'Orange´s Viergos et Toreros, but without flowers. There is a bloody smell or at least a sweet rusty note of something metallic. But it sure fits the name, if you don´t attract vampires when wearing this, I don´t now what to do. If you don´t feel like attracting any vampires I suggest you stay away from Vampire Groupie.

If is the opposite, it´s soft and shy and a mix of neroli, myrrh and spices. It won´t disturb anyone, I find it nice but a little dull, it fail to make any impression on me. But it sure smells good.

Sex & Politics manage to smell both good and interesting. It´s a sweet, spicy and slightly animalic blend. Nice sillage, wothout being to large. Sex & Politics is dark, mysterious and with an erotic touch. A perfume for night wear, but I wonder wich swedish politician you can hook when wearing this? I´m not sure if I want to hook any swedish politician.

Zombie Repellent is also interesting, sweet, buttery and vanilly, but also with some edge, I think it´s thanks too the vetiver (from Haiti of course). Among the tried I like Zombie Repellent the best. It is warm, spicy and kind of strange. Do you struggle with some zombies in your environment? Then you do need some of this magic blend!

Last, but not least, there is Coffee Wonderful. It smells of coffee, and you can see the coffee not entirely blended with the oil. This is the one that smells the most and the longest. It makes me think about coffee parties and a lot of cakes. Because it smells not only coffee, but also vanilla and spices. Coffee Wonderful is an uplifting scent that make me happy. It remind me of the kind of coffee common in northern Sweden.

There is a lot of other oils to sniff trough at Magickal Realism, and I am sure curious about a lot fo them. Oils for certain rituals and times, such as midsummer and christmas, also oils for your star sign can be found.

Etsy is a goldmine if you like to find unique and artisan made perfumes and perfume oils. The prices are really good and the sellers are easy to get in contact with. You can also find some more well knowned perfumers on Etsy, Ava luxe has recently started up her shop there again, even tough I hope she will offer her usual perfumes again soon.

Pic: greengrimoire.net

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