tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Ava Luxe - Midnight Violet

My oldest daughter and her family visitied us last week. When it comes to perfumes I think I´ve influenced my daughter quite much, so of course we had some cozy perfume testing. The perfumes from B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful become popular, except one of them. One with a violet note. I really don´t like violet, my daughter said. I didn´t said anything, she can go around disliking the note of violet, but gosh, there are sure a lot of wonderful perfumes she´ll be missing then.

Maybe violet is one of those notes people can have troubbles with? I can´t really understand why, since violet in my nose is a versatile note that comes in many different shapes. Maybe people think of violet as something almost candylike sweet or old lady-like powdery stuff? But there is so many different perfume that manage to do something totally different with this shy flower.

Comme Des Garcon´s Stephen Jones is without doubt a perfume with notes of violet. But is is sweet? Nope. Is it powdery? Oh no. It´s chilly and cold with an strange, but appealing, mineral note in it. A true futuristic floral.

Frederic Malle´s Dans Tes Bras is almost as far away from Stephen Jones as a violet perfume is possible to be, but still it isn´t at all sweet or powdery. It´s like the forest floor with violet-and mushroom smelling greenery, a magic forest filled with fairies, trolls and foxes.

Calé´s Bressa di Zeta is sweeter and more powdery, but I think it´s rather the smell of crushed violet leafs then the flower I smell in it. A refined feminine, beautiful and clean scent, but for a modern women.

There is sweeter varietes as well, like Lolita Lempicka ( I realise I haven´t wrote about it yet, but maybe I will soon, I feel like I am in to purple now) that is both powdery and sweet, but still very good, at least in my opinion.

But I have to admit that I tried a violet perfume the other day that was toothaching sweet and it smell like violet candy and with a giant sillage that made people around me think that I was eating violet candies without sharing!

But how many different kinds of violet scents can it be? Well, my violet scent collection isn´t complete without Ava Luxe´s Midnight Violet. It is also a very special interprention of violet.

Midnight Violet is most of all a night violet. And a violet scent that works on men too. And I am sure that it´s also a violet scent that can make the most notorious violet hater to like violet notes in perfume. Really, it´s hard for me to understand how anybody can resist Midnight Violet. Accordning to my nose, Midnight Violet is all together a wonderful perfume.

Why? Well, there´s a darkness in it, a comfy and safe kind of darkness. The violets are so dark that they look almost like black velvet. There´s a hint of sweetness, but just a little hint. It make med think of some kind of golden glow, maybe the moonlight shines on the little violets in the moss? Becasue Midnight Violet is so much more than only violets. There is also wood, moss, deep purple and dark sweetness.

Midnight Violet is also a grown up violet scent. Sensual, beautiful and vibrant, but not really erotic or animalic. I don´t miss that kind of notes, it´s interesting enough without them. Even tough I find Midnight Violet unique and different, I think it´s a perfume that can be easy to like for a lot of different people.

Yes, it´s absolutly a violet for evening wear, even tough I can wear it any time of day. But the sillage is quite big, so it isn´t appropriate for all occasions. It´s also quite longlasting, several hours at least. But it also make me realise that it isn´t possible to find ONE perfect perfume, it isn´t even possible to find ONE perfect violet perfume. For me there is way to many perfect violet perfumes all ready, and Midnight Violet is one of them.

So, Midnight Violet is one of the perfumes I want more of from Ava Luxe´s impressive collection of perfume master pieces. I sure hope she soon will start offering her usual selection, until then we have to be satisfied with the perfume oils offered in her Etsy-shop.

In your opinion, is there any more violet perfumes I shouldn´t miss? Maybe you allready know about that "perfect" violet scent that I´ve missed out on. :)

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