torsdag 6 augusti 2009


It´s a sunny summer day and I sit here and waiting for my daughters to wake up so we can have a picnic. I sit here and now and then i sniff with joy one of my latest perfume passions, M. Micallef´s Gaiac that I wrote about yesterday.

I guess I am easy to impress, sometimes the scnet of an interesting, wonderful and well done perfume is enough to make me start imagine things and daydream. Yes, as I wrote about before, I even dream about perfumes when I sleep. Sometimes the perfume I wear when I go to sleep follow me to the land of dreams. Sometimes i dream about amazing perfumes that suddenly is a part of my collection or about a hunt for the perfect perfume in the most wonderful perfume shops. As you understand, the nerd factor increses a lot when I wake up and realise that I have dreamt about perfumes. But that about dreaming, this was supposed to be about daydreaming...

I think it´s a part of human nature to daydream and sometimes the dreams is an escape from a hard and un-inspiering life, sometimes they are a little private place of pleasure and joy and sometimes we making plans and dream about the future. I am so one-dimensional that a lot of my daydreams also are about perfumes! Well, acually, I am the dreamy kind of person, so I daydream about a lot of other things as well, even tough perfumes are a returning element.

I read about new perfumes releases, and new perfume lines, maybe produced by a person that have dreamed their whole life to create perfumes. Or, as with Mr Silvio Levi, the founder of Calé Fragranze D'Autore, he has worked with distributing niche perfumes for a long time, and finally get his own line of perfumes. I also know there´s a lot of indieperfumers starting of as perfume lovers, and knowing as little about perfumes as I do know, and then little by little learning more and more and finally start producing their own perfumes. Such stories are wonderful I think. Or people being sales person behind the counter of an ordinary department store, selling massmarket perfumes and then suddenly change path and open their own little exclusive perfume boutique.

I suspect there is a lot of perfume lovers wishing that they could work with perfumes one way or an other. I also suspect that a lot of perfume lovers feels that they can´t or don´t dare to start something completly new, aspecially in times of finanical crisis. And if living in Sweden, or some other part of the world, where perfumes isn´t yet that big, there maybe isn´t enough people for a reliable customer base.

Do you dream about working with perfumes? Maybe you already have tried it? If it would be possible for you to work with perfumes, in what way would you work? Creating, selling, writing, courses, perfume trying, consulting? Or maybe something completly different? Or maybe are you totally content to have perfumes only as a hobby?

I am so glad to write about perfumes, I have never before wrote about such an inspiering and fun subject. But I don´t make any money on it. But, one will never know what comes next...

Pic: Dreaming, photobucket

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