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Bond No 9 - Andy Warhol, Silver Factory

It is almost unbeliveable how many perfume houses-brands-lines and collection there is out there. I have blogged almost for an year now and hardly mention Bond No 9´s perfumes. Well, for what it´s worth there is also a lot of perfumes I haven´t yet mention at all. And even more brands that I still haven´t tried a single perfume from. When it comes to Bond No 9, at least I´ve tried some of their perfumes. But not wrote about any of them yet. Why is that? Are they bad and boring? Nope, not really, even tough I don´t have any of them on top of my most wanted-list, there are two, Andy Warhol´s Silver Factory, and also, Chinatown that isn´t pretty far from it.

What is special with Bond No 9? Well, it is a perfume collection dedicated to the city of New York, with it´s archetypical skyskrapers, busy avenues and city disctricts so well-knowned globally that they are almost as home, even tough I never set my foot there. The perfumes from Bond No 9 have borrowed their names from famous streets, places and even persons (Andy Warhol) in and from New York, even beaches outside New york can be found among hte perfume names. What about names like Broadway Night, Chinatown, New Haarlem, Coney Island and Bryant Park? At the same time familiar, but also exotic and filled with big city-feeling.

As I wrote above, I´ve never been to New York, even tough it´s one of the cities I most definitly would love to visit. Lucky the one´s that already have been there. But, despite the fact that I haven´t (yet), I think a lot of us have certain picture and feeling of New York. Not at all what it´s really are like, but not as far from truth as it would be if it was another big city, not yet visited, like Tokyo, Buenos Aires or Mumbai. Of course that is thanks too the many movies with New York, if not in main role, at least as the main scene or something like that. In New York it would be possible to recognise buildings and places and to feel almost a little at home, I don´t think that would be possible for most of us if we visited for instant, Tokyo.

Thanks to this facts, you imagine that you´re a little familiar with New York, you almost belive you can tell about the city´s heart, soul and pulse. (Or at least I do!)

This is one reason for me to question if the perfumes from Bond No 9 really are able to capture the spirit of such an amazing city. It´s not little to ask for tough, that a single perfume could capture all that, or even of one single avenue or beach or park. Born new yorkers/ and or passionate new yorkers aren´t all that content with Bond No 9´s interprention of their loved parts of the city. Maybe, the bottles are what succed best to capture New York? Even tough their bottle to the perfume Brooklyn get much critique, at least I think that a bottle decorated with grafiti feels quite much Brooklyn. How the bottles look like, and the names of all the perfumes and a lot more you can find here:

Now, I will try to focus on Bond No 9`s Andy Warhol Silver Factory. There are several Bond No 9 perfumes dedicated to and inspired from the well-knowned New York artist, Andy Warhol. Besdies of Silver Factory there is also; Lexington Avenue, Union Square and the newest, Succes is a job in New York (if there´s anyone reading my blog that have got the chanse to try it, please tell me about it!). Well, now it´s easy for me that is so easily distracted to start to writing about Andy Warhol instead of the perfume. But at least I van tell you that Silver Factory was Andy Warhols atelie, studio and the place to hang around if you where something in New York back then.

I can´t tell if the perfume Silver Factory manage to capture any of the soul and spirit of the actual Silver Factory, but at least, as a perfume it is strange, interesting but also quite easy to like.

When i tried Silver Factory for the first time during winter, I liked it at once. It starts with some what chilly top notes of citruses, soon joined by some dirty, but quite light animalic musk and some metallic, also very light, note. Maybe not the smell of silver, but a nice and easy metallic note. I immediatly started to plan to get me some more of this strange and also wonderful perfume. It was really nice on my husband too.

If it wasn´t for a slight incident with Silver Factory a month later, I think I would have a small deacnt of it by now!

Imagine, me, my half-sidter and her husband and my brother in car driving all the way from northern Sweden to Stockholm during one day. When it started to get dark, we where all kind of sleapy and my brother asked if I happened to have any uplifting perfume, something eith citrus maybe? Oh yeah, sugarmummy got what you need, namely Silver Factory. It´s not the easiset to put some perfume on another person in a car on the motorway, so I guess I spilled about the half sample all over my brother. And belive me, Silver Factory is much more strong and potent that you might belive only using smaller amounts of it. We spent the rest of the trip in car reeking with citruses, a more and more strange metallic note and an animalic musk slowly but steadily growing towards mushiness and un-mentionable stanks. This was a perfume I kind of like, but I don´t want to think about my poor fellow-passengers.

This incident changed my view of Silver Factory from something strange, funny and easy to like to something with enough animalic contents to attack little children! It become a huge, blury mess of mushy musk with almost suffocating qualities.

But there is hope, now I am sitting her and sniffing it agian, quite content I have to admit. Obviously the car incident have slowly become forgotten. (Even tough I will probably always think about that trip when I wear it!) I like it again, not really as much as in the beginning, but enough to start think about a decant again.

Shortly speaking, I do recommend Silver Factory. It´s an unique, potent and easy kind of perfume, that would suit most people and occations. Normally, the sillage is average and the longvity is ok. You have to try it, even if you´re not that in to citrus. The base is also really pleasant, much warmer than the rest of the blend, as long as you stay away from overdose it.

Pic: smugmug

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