fredag 14 augusti 2009

Profumum Roma - Aqua di Sale

I wrote earlier about that I am dreaming that I find the perfect perfume. Well, I don´t belive that it´s possible. I am constantly changing my mind and prefer to have a lots of perfumes that goes with different clothes and different weather. Perfumes for parties and perfumes for lonely moments, comfy perfumes, edgy and challenging perfumes, sexy perfumes and perfumes that make me happy. I don´t think that one, single perfume can live up to that.

But, I think it would be possible to find the perfect perfume in it´s genre. The perfect violet perfume, perfect incense scent and the perfect vanilla and so on.

I might have found the perfect sea scent, Profumum Roma´s Aqua di Sale. Usually I am not that thrilled about perfumes with the scent of sea or very aquatic perfumes. A lot of them become to fresh and sporty, like some male cologne supposed to be sprayed on after the gym or some others are to understatet and vague, so that I forgot that I wear a perfume after a short while. So the aquatic perfumes I´ve enjoyed this far has been kind of aquatic gourmands like Missoni by Missoni, L de Lolita Lempicka and Eau de Star by Thierry Mugler.

And there comes Aqua di Sale, among the one´s I´ve tried from Profumum Roma I´ve got almost the lowest expectations on Aqua di Sale and as usually it´s great fun to realise that I really like something from an usually not so liked cathegory of scents. Aqua di Sale isn´t one of those ozonic fresh aquatic perfumes nor the subdued and minimalistic kind either. It´s strangely concrete and still with a very aquatic feeling. It isn´t the sea, but an idealistic interprention, without traces of beach life, sun lotion and exotic flowers. Aqua di Sale is the sea at an forgotten, rocky bay at the mediterrean during autumn storms.

Aqua di Sale is the smell of a salty sea, but also soft notes of the cilffs, the air and the far away forrest. Aqua di Sale make me long for a mediterrean sea off-season, with abandoned taverns and beaches in rain and fog, taking long walks along empty shore lines and now and sit down on a rock and feel the smell of sea. Have you ever dreamed of being a lighthouse keeper on a distant island, Aqua di Sale may help your daydreams and imagination a little.

Don´t think of Aqua di Sale as a difficult and harsh scent, cause it isn´t. There is a light softness in it. A softness that remind me of the life giving facets of the sea, probably it´s that little softness that make Aqua di Sale so easy to like. This softness isn´t common in this kind of scents, and I´ve also encountered it in Creative Universes Mare, but that was unfortunatly a perfume that dissapeared on me.

Aqua di Sale has discrete sillage but is amazingly longlasting, aspecially if considering the scents wet and subdued character.

The basenotes abandoned the sea theme a little, overall the base notes in Profumum Roma´s perfumes seem to have little connection with the rest of the perfume for some reason. Aqua di Sale isn´t an excpetion, but the base notes is still nice and comfy. A little like coming in after a long day at the sea, maybe that isn´t so bad after all?

Unfortuntaly Profumum Roma is quite an expensive brand, and I don´t think I will buy a bottle of Aqua di Sale, but a nice decant would be just enough for start.

I strongly recommend it, you really should try it, even if you usually don´t like sea scents.

Do you have any sea smelling favourites?

pic: Waves, William Dalton, flickr

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