fredag 6 augusti 2010

Laura Mercier - Marrons Glaces

When we had the perfume meeting in Stockholm in may I tried a lot of perfumes. Despite the fact that I didn´t marked what I tested I manage to remeber most of the scents, but at the end of the day I discovered a small spot at my vrist that smelled incredible and of course, I failed to remeber what fragrance it could be.

It was someting gourmandish, sweet, full-bodied, caramelly and slightly woody and maybe a little tad of milk and well, it was wonderful! I tried to figure out which scent it was, I could only remember trying two scents with some gourmand character, Laura Mercier´s Marrons Glaces and Costume Nationals 21. But then I´ve tried several perfumes that I didn´t remeber or had no idea what kind of scents they should be...

I´m happy to have get me decant of Laura Merciers Marrons Glaces, before trying it again I was almost sure that it would be the mystic scent. But now, when I have it... no, I don´t think that this is the wonderful scent from Stockholm.

I have never eaten chestnuts in any form, Marrons Glaces is a French chestnut desert and looks very jummy, but how it smells or taste I can´t tell. Anyway, I don´t thin of Laura merciers Marrons Glaces as a belivable interpretation of the actual dish, but rather a scent that has been inspired of it, but with some perfumistic freedom.

On my skin, Marrons Glaces become an almost aquatic gourmand. It´s sweet, creamy and nutty, but also with elements of something thin and bland, a little milky, but in that case low diet milk rather than fat and full cream milk. I don´t min Marrons Glaces, I kind of like it, but not at all as much as I hoped for. When I first tested it -at home- I waited for that wonderful scent to reveal, and when the basenote arrived, I realised it was not at all like, the basenote of Marrons Glaces aren´t at all gourmand, but a weak mix between jasmine and very discrete vanilla!

Maybe I happened to spray some other scent on top of Marrons Glaces in Stockholm, and that wonderful scent was a result of un-aware layering? Maybe, but honestly I think I avoid spraying the same place twice quite well. Maybe that fantastic scent was Costume Nationals 21 or one of those scent I can´t remember any more? Hopefully I´ll go to Stockholm again soon and then I´ll try perfumes a little less furious.

Have you tried Costume Nationals 21? I belive it has a prominent safron-note and if it has, it can´t be that scent I tried in Stockholm, cause I didn´t discover any safron in it. Have you had some similar experiences, trying some perfumes and then fail to remeber the best of them? Imagine me in Paris on a perfume testing trip... oh my, I really have to practice before I go!

And by the way, Marrons Glaces has decent lasting power and discrete sillage, I think you must try it if you´re in to gourmands, otherwise you can very well ignore it.


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  1. I try to only skin test one perfume at a time just for that reason, I get easily confused, and also my nose gets tired and i can't smell anymore if I'm wearing more than one.

  2. kjanicki: I know, but since I don´t have the opportunity to try this kind of scents in my home town I have to try as many as possible when I´m visiting Stockholm and that way I end up smelling like at least five perfume shops...! :)