söndag 1 augusti 2010

John Galliano EdP

It´s been a while. Have had busy days with name giving (well, I haven´t exactly been involved in the name giving, the parents have take care of that all by them self, but you know a kind of welcome-party) of the youngest grand son and also the oldest daughter and her family staid with us the last week. Very much fun, but now it´s back to normal again.

Some perfumes am I curious about for a long time before I have a chans to test them, John Galliano EdP (or whatever it´s called for real, I find that it´s called Eau de Galliano on some places?) is one of them. With John Galliano I have to admit that the bottle is part of my interest for the scent. The bottle is love it or hate it. It is blackish purple with strange details and crown with a gothic capital G on the top. I´m sure this bottle would look great in my boudoir, but for now I have to settle with a decant.

The opening isn´t a favorite, it smells strangely aquatic mixed with synthetic smelling citrus. Very weird, both bland and almost sticky fresh at the same time. Not at all what I expected from this scent, but soon this strange blend are being filled with soft and pretty floral notes (iris, violets and rose). The floral notes are quite discrete and toned down on my skin, but they are a big improvement compared to the opening. The aquatic feeling is still left, but the citrus dissapears in the background.

During heart note I realise that I like John Galliano, and it´s much prefered that a scent has a weird or unpleasant opening than the other way around. The heart note is soft flwery, but most it is about lingering and easy smoke with auqtic feeling. OK, aquatic smoke!? Well, after all there is in fact underwater volcanos! The flowers and the smoke mixes with soft, powdery patchouli, incense and something that to my nose smells like light, powdery oak moss. The scent has a very old fashioned feeling, but still also kind of modern.

John galliano makes me think about gloomy rooms with couches, velvet curtains and make-up tables. It is a scentas from past times, but also perfect for anyone with some attraction to the gothic, dark, melancholy and mysterious. John Galliano would be a perfect scent for getting in mood for some romantic horror movie!

Lasting power is OK, if not terrific, but at least 4-5 hours on me. Sillage is not that prominent, but still enough to get noticed. I wonder how the new John Galliano EdT is in comparision to this one? Anyone that have tried it? I think I´ll need more when my little decant is gone, and then I must go for a big bottle, cause it would look great in my boudoir.

Thinking about another perfume meeting. Let me know if someone English speaking is interested, and I´ll keep you informed. :)

Pic: Underwater volcano

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