tisdag 17 augusti 2010

Carthusia - Ligea la Sirena

My back is much better now, and that is a relief. The worst thing is that I don´t know why it get bad, so now I don´t now what to avoid to stop it from get back. Besides that, everything is good, my kids will go back to school in a coupple of days and middle daughter are off to Markaryd (in southern Sweden) for studies. And oh, our usual computer aren´t working right now, so I have to bribe my youngest son to have some time at his computer.

Some coupple of years ago I scored a almost un-touched vintage bottle of Carhusia´s Aria di Capri at Tradera (Swedish Ebay), I´ve got it for a really good price, as I remember maybe 7-8 euros. It was a really, really good price, Aria di Capri is a well made perfume with quality ingrediences, but however, it didn´t suit me that good, on me Aria di Capri smells a little masculin and it was soon swapped. Oh, I wish it had been a bottle of Ligea la Sirena instead...

A perfume interested friend of mine has just recently bought a bottle of Cartusia´s Ligea la Sirena, and she got it for a really good price, without testing it before, I decided to buy a decant unsniffed and I don´t regret it.

Ligea la Sirena is most of all an opoponax scent, and usually I like opoponax in fragrances so I had high hopes for Ligea la Sirena. But, when I tested it for the first time I was quite dissapointed at first, the opening is sharp and very soapy soapy. That means soapy in not a good way. not like soaps on a luxury hotel or all natural soaps made of the finest and most caressing ingrediences, but instead you know that cheap smelling kind of soap at a gas station... Honestly, this soap note was so bad at the beginning it was close to a scrubber...

But, thankfully this note is quickly fading and I can smell sweet and juicy notes of mandarin, and some time later also opoponax. The soapy note is still present, but blended with citrus and opoponasx it isn´t disturning any more. About 20 minutes later Ligea la Sirena smells so good that I forget about the naughty opening.

Opoponax is a kind of note that has the ability to smell both powdery and wet on me at the same time. The powdery note in Ligea la Sirena is warm, feminine, woody and easy to like. The wet note (something in opoponax makes me think about swimming pools, but in a good way) makes Ligea la Sirena credible as a scent for a mermaid (sirene). Ligea la Sirena is an allring, sensual and also kind of playful scent. Opoponax is anote that makes me happy, but Ligea la Sirena is even better, it makes me kind of a little in love with myself. Like someone smelling that good must deserve to be loved.

Ligea la Sirena is a seductive scent, warm, interesting and mystical. But also relaxed and natural, like a scent for pillow fisght with a person you love and trust enough to be totally relaex and comforatble with, and the pillow fighting leads to some wrestling that leads to... well, you now...! There is something with Ligea la Sirena that is both very playful but also not giving in without a battle.

If you´re familiar with opoponax since before, you know it´s a multi faced note, with both powdery and wet aspects, but also woody, smoky and sweet. Shortly speaking, opoponax is a soft, warm, easy to like and full bodied oriental fragrance. If compared with Imperial Opoponax (another opoponax favorite) Ligea la Sirena is sexier, smells more expensive and also mystical. Imperial Opoponax feels like a funnier scent, and with that swiming pool note more apperant.

Ligea la Sirena has really good lasting power, at least 7-8 hours. Sillage is also good, but not to much. It´s must try for everyone liking opoponax, but also for everyone that usually are found of oriental and woody scents. It´s hard to not sniff your wrist all the time when wearing Ligea la Sirena. But, it still has a little left to be one of those magnificent master piece perfumes, even though it might very well end up as one of those on you! Absolutly worth sampling! Over all I think Carthusia is a perfume house that deserve more attention. Anyone that have tried anything except Ligea la Sirena or Aria di Capri?

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  1. Oh, I love Carthusia. I've also tried Fiori di Capri, which is a very niche wild carnation scent, and Mediterraneo, which is a fresh, citrus, unisex scent.


  2. Wow, It sounds wonderful. I'll add it to my list of things to look out for.

  3. Sandy: I hope I´ll have the possibilty to try them all eventually. :)

  4. kjanicki: It´s both comfy and sexy, I like it a lot, even though I not really love it. But I think this can be that kind of scent that I will miss when my decant is finsihed...

  5. I tried Ligea la Sirena twice before getting a bottle. The top note for the first few minutes smell like I slept in the dresser for the whole night but then eventually all the floral scents settled better and I work in the kitchen cooking chocolate and caramel and all I can smell is the beautiful Ligea on myself. 6 to 8 hours later the drydown is absolutely delicious. I wear all the soapy scents and this one is one of the most extreme.

  6. I just picked up a decant of Ligea La Sirena from a secondhand shop. At first I was skeptical, since I hadn't liked Aria di Capri very much. But La Sirena is very soft and pretty. As you describe above, it really does have an interesting powdery/juicy dual nature. I will no longer disparage Carthusia's catalog, if it contains any other scents like this.