lördag 21 augusti 2010

Chanel - Coromandel (Les Exclusifs)

I have noticed that "several" established, skilled and talented perfume bloggers seem to be strucked with some kind of perfume tiredness now and then. That is not that strange, if you live with perfumes the kind of way that is necesarry to write review after review. Personally I not at all tired with perfumes, but when testing scents I can realise that I am really longing for that kind of scents that have that little extra.

Since I try a lot of scents I have discovered that I can test 20 or 30 perfumes in a row that are nice, well made, good ingrediences, but all of them lack that certain something that makes a perfume standing out in a crowd. Most perfumistas I know of have those magical kinds of scents that dances, glow, whispers, caress and tells stories on your skin. Scents that you couldn stop smelling and that you wish to go on smelling like that for ages. These scents can be different from each other as day to night, but they have in common a certain charm, a personality that makes you return again and again.

That Chanels Coromandel is one of those scents come as a big surprise for me. Usually Chanels scents don mixes well with my skin chemistry, and apart from Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere, they all have a scent of wet diapers in common on my skin...

Well, Coromandel is as far from wet diapers as possible. This is in all way a cozy, soft and also interesting scent. The one thing about it that isn so good would be the price tag and the fact that it is quite hard to get.

With Coromandel I feel totallt contempt to just be, I don have to sniff it all the time, I can feel it surrounding me with a strong precense, even though I would say it has quite an average sillage.

Coromandel is a rich, sweet, full bodied scent with notes of wood, incense and amber. The opening is a warm, slightly animalic amber. The amber in Coromandel is both mystic and living but also soft and powdery. Coromandel is one of those scents that changes a little between every time I sniff it.

Some time the element of incense is more prominent, but after that I can feel that the woody notes are dominating. During this time of year I don think Coromandel is as its best, but I sure it would be lovely during the cold and dark months that are on their way.

The drydown is soft, woody and warm and with some kind of soft spicy scent. The patchouli note recognised by others are not at all strong on me, just barely there. Coromandel has great lasting power, I can still smell it on me skin at least after 10-12 hours.

Coromandel is a must try for all lovers of woody and oriental scents. I really, really likes it, but for a perfume with THAT price tag I must admit that it dont really reaches all the way, but almost. It has charm, presence, high quality ingridiences, but lack a little of originality.

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  1. I really wish Les Exclusives would sell in 100ml, or even 50ml. I's love a bottle of Bois des Iles.

    I wanted to love Coromandel, I love incense and wood and amber! But all I could smell was a strong patchouli. My husband called it "sour socks." Maybe I'll try it again this fall.

  2. I have read that Coromandel has some elements in common with Borneo, so I may like it. However, I suspect it would be a bit ladylike for my taste.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. This was the first patchouli-based scent I really, really liked. Excellent stuff! Generally, the "Les Exclusifs" line is very, very high-quality indeed; love Sycomore as well. As a guy, I'd wear both Coromandel and Sycomore, for sure. And thank goodness Chanel reissued No. 22; my mom wore it in the late 70s/80s and it was fab.
    By the way, glad to have discovered your blog. I do the occasional fragrance post myself, mainly men's fragrances.
    All the best,

  4. kjanicki: Yes, I´ll never need a 200 ml bottle of anything! On me the patchouli note isn´t at all dominating, only subtle in the background. :)

  5. Josephine: I think you should try it anyway, it´s very easy to like and when I wear it I feel so comfy and kind of amazing. :)

  6. Michael Mattison: Oh yes, I think it´s suitable for men too. I´m glad that you have discovered my blog. :)