torsdag 9 december 2010

Vivienne Westwood - Let it Rock

I don´t write negative reviews so often. Partly because I like most fragrances that I test, not love, but most of them smells at least nice and pleasant. And that isn´t anything to write about. It´s also a matter of time, I have to keep up to manage to write about all the amazing scents out there, so where would I squeeze in the bad one´s?

Sometimes I do an exeption. Today is such a day.

Usually I like Vivienne Westwood´s fragrances, even though I have to admit that Anglomania, Boudoir and even Libertine kind of are perfumes from an earlier stage in my perfumania. Still I think they are interesting, obvious and very Brittish. Now Vivienne has launched a new scent, Naughty Alice, the bottle is almost hiddeous cute, but I don´t know about the scent, yet. Unfortunatly I do know everything about another Vivienne Westwood scent, Let it Rock...

When you don´t like a fragarnces there can be sevreal reasons. Some are headache inducing, still you can like the way they smell. Others makes you nauseaus, a little or way to much. Some don´t make your head ache or your stomach turn, but smells so disturbing, strong, cheap, screamy, synthetic or sweet that you can´t stand it. Let it Rock gives me headache and make my stomach turn and smells cheap, synthetic, sweet, vulgar and strong. It´s like a scent created by Jordan (above) rather then by Vivienne Westwood.

Actually Let it Rock is among the worst scents I´ve tried! Without suspecting anything I put on a few drops of Let it Rock from a sample. The very first minutes it was kind of OK and I almost belived that I would eventually like it. But then it starts to get stronger and stronger and stronger... It smells like if both patchouli and freesia was made of some strange plastic materials. Just plastic! Tranquilising fake flowers smushed with plastic and the worst kind patchouli that screams to you and makes your eyes watery.

Yes, Let it Rock becomes terrible on me. And I´ll never try to find out how it becomes on any other family member beacuse I don´t want it in my house. I would never want to encounter this scent ever again. Of course it´s a scrubber. And washing of just a little won´t help, you´d better get yourself in the bathtub with lots of lather.

As I said, it´s extremly rare that I react this strong to a scent, I think Etat Libre d'Orange´s Viergos et Toreros is one of few others.

I don+t recommend Let it Rock to anyone, because I don´t want to smell it on anyone. Fortunatly it seem to be very, very rare in Sweden.

Have you tried Let it Rock? Some people seem to actually like it, what do you think about it?

Pic: Katie Price aka Jordan

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