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2010 Toplist

I´ve had an incredible nice and cozy Christmas holiday and I sure hope you had that too. It isn´t that original to write a toplist today (all the perfume blogs seem to have it today!), but great minds think alike or something like that.

I also realised that my last post was a bit wrong, of coure it was a wishlist for 2011 and nothing else. I´m always a bit confused when the new year is coming and write the old year for a month at least. But this toplist is of course for perfume that I´ve tested during 2010.

I´ve tried a lot of fragarnces, but probably not really as many as during 2009. It seem my perfume interest has entered a new phase. I still gets a lot of samples, but I´ve been moving on to decants, split bottles and full bottles even more. I´ve also noticed that the more I´ve tried the more it takes to impresse me.

Fragrances that I´ve tried during 2010 and that really manage to capture my interest and that I want more of (or allready have more of):

January 2010: Histoires de Parfums - Tubereuse Animale. Wonderful, warm, full bodied, animalic, leathery, spicy with some tuberose elements. A demanding scent, but also so unique that it doesn´t remind of anything else. This I have a decant of, but wouldn´t mind more.

February: Parfums D'Orsay - Tilleul. I fell in love with this green, soft, sweet, complex linden blossom fragarnces and could hardly think about anything else for a month. To me this is a spot on late winter/early spring kind of scent so I didn´t wanted it as bad later during the year, but I suspect I´ll have cravings for it soon.

Agonist - The Infidels. Warm complex, animalic, strong, retro and all together wonderful fragrance from the Swedish brand Agonist that co-operate with glass artist Åsa Jungnelius frpm Costa Boda. Amazing multi dimensional scent that is hard to forget about, hopefully I´ll have more of it soon. :)))

March: Farmacia Annunziata - Ambra Nera. The most wonderful amber scent I´ve ever tried. I would easily go for a full bottle of this if I didn´t happened to stumble upon those Egyptian perfume oils. A MUST TRY for amber lovers.

April: Simone Cosac - Trama. Could be the best rose scent ever. The opening of this svent is among the best openings ever (also!!!) and it´s gorgeous. 100% realistic scent of how it´s smell when you unwrap a rose bouquet. I liked Perle di Biance, but Trama is even better on my skin. I´ve got some remainings in a tiny sample, but probably will need more of it. Also a absolute must try for anyone that wopuld like to be impressed by a rose scent.

Hors La Monde - Shiloh. Tart citrus, creamy flowers and oakmoss. Wonderful, and classic, strong, longlasting and modd lifting. This years birthday fragrance. This I recommend to everyone looking for modern scents with classical elements.

May: Was dominated by the super exclusive Xerjoff line. And even though I melted as snow in sunshine for several of the scents, I seem to be not really as impressed any longer. Partly thanks to the price tag as I realise I´ll probably never could afford a bottle of any of them. Despite that, I do think every perfume lover should give at least some of the scents a try. They are really worth trying.

July: La Collina Toscana - Girasole del Poggio. Sunshine in bottle, full bodied, nutty, creamy and very different flowery scent. Still got my sample, but when that is gone I´ll probably get more of it since it don´t remind of anything else. Very quirky.

September: Andrea Maack - Craft and Sharp. Interesting, personal, cold and Nordic scents fromicelandic artist Andrea Maack. I´ve got a bottle of Craft and wouldn´t mind splitting a bottle of Sharp. Really good pricepoint also.

Serge Lutens - Bas de Soie. Aquatic, strange floral with slimy elements. I haven´t yet figured out why I like it, but I do! Have some remainings in a bottle, probably will get more. It´s like a likeable version of Secretions Magnifique.

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Nuit de Tuberesue. First I liked it, then I didn´t. Now I´m back to lking it again. I´ve used my little spray sample much more the I belived I would do. It´s a winner in the long run and I wouldn´t mind splitting a bottle of it eventually. Different and cool version of tuberose. Works well on men too.

October: Amouage - Memoir Woman. Gothic, sad and a little melancholic. My big fave from Amouage. The question is if I ever could afford it?

My bargain of Egyptian perfume oils was a big and wonderful surprise also during october. Four out of five oils smells fantastic.

And not to be forgotten about: Etat Libre d'Orange´s Like This. It was SO close to be this years Christmas perfume (present), but the I found a bottle of Cuir Beluga for a really good price. I don´t regret buying Cuir Beluga, but I do wonders a lot about how to get me a big bottle of Like This as soon as possible. This is a MUST TRY!

Also two scents that I´ve used a lot:

Guerlains Cuir Beluga. I don´t think I have use one scent as much and as often as Cuir Beluga since the time when I use to have one signature scent at the time. According to me Cuir Beluga fits on all occations. Totally fabulous.

And Costume National´s 21, discovered at NK in may and re-discovered during autumn. Such a comfy scent with great personality. Have a decant of it and will buy more when it ends.

One thing that strikes me when I´m looking on my top list scents is that they are really different from each other. From soft, aquatic florals to bold animalic leathers and sweet gourmands and spicy orientals. I have a varied taste in perfumes and during 2010 I´ve learn to like oakmoss as well and also some vintage scents.

Of course I haven´t enjoyed all that ve tried. For instant the line of Boadicea the Victorious failed to impresse me, to many and to un-interesting.

Honore des Pres made a nice thing and gave away samples of Vamp a NY and I got one of them. Unfortunatly the scent wasn´t my style at all even though a lot of people seem to like it.

I also tried all scents from Czech & Speake and only one, Dark Rose was worth mentioning. Nice, but boring.

Annick Goutal´s Ninfeo Mio with an opening so beautiful and and dry down so hideous. Big dissapointment.

What has captured your interest during 2010? Some dissapointments? Some big fave or several? Have you tried some fragarnce that you haven´t reed about here but that you suggest me to try? What are you looking forward to try in the beginning of 2011?

I´m very curious about the new Serge Lutens that is said to smell like toast. And L'Artisan´s Traversee du Bosphore which sound interesting as well. And I have just found out about a very special scent that I really must try.

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!

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  1. Hooray! My computer went kaput and the one I borrowed didn't let me send a comment, so I've finally got through.

    Wishing you a Happy and Fragrant New Year, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews in 2011.

    cheerio, and Happy Hogmanay, from Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna: I´m surfing on someone elses net, our modem got broken (for some reason) some days ago.

    I hope your New Year will be really nice and filled with beautiful scents.