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Korres - Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear

I´ve got a slightly doubtful relation to pears. Pears can taste wonderful, but usually I encounter pears that have the same juicyness and fruity as old winter carotts, or pears so hard that they are like wood or with that strange granular texture, and with hardly no taste what so ever. Maybe you have to grow your own pears for a pleasant taste experience?

My grandparents had a little cottage outside Malmö and sometimes we visited them during early autumn when all my grand fathers fruit trees where filled with ripe apples, plums and pears. Those pears was so good, juicy, sweet and almost melting in my mouth. Once when I lived in Umeå I bought some rare kind of bright red pears. They where probably twice as expensive then the ordinary one´s, but they where soooo worth it. Until this day those where the best pears I´ve eaten.

It´s that kind of pears I find in one of Korres new scents; Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear, at least the scent of them. I wrote about another of Korres scents last year:

Jasmine Pepper Gaiacwood Passionfruit become a favorite for me and I´ve used it a lot. Even though I think Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear is a really good scent, it´s not really manage to reach the height of Jasmine Pepper Gaiacwood Passionfruit on me. Not that Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear doesn´t smell good, it does, but Jasmine Pepper Gaiacwood Passionfruit is a little bit more "me".

Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear is one of the best scents with note of pear that I ever encountered. And just like Jasmine Pepper Gaiacwood Passionfruit it seem to have a built in charm, an exuberate personality that is hard to resist. This is a cherful and moodlifting fragrances with elements of euforia in it. The note of peony isn´t that strong, on me it´s more like an aromatic slightly rosy smelling backdrop, while the pear note is more forward. I haven´t tried that many scents with pear, but among the one´s I´ve tried the pear note usually are very soft and short lasting and sometimes even boring. That is not the case with Paeonia Vanilla Amber, as I said, this is equal to the best pears I´ve eaten. It´s juicy, sweet, fruity and very genuin. Do you have a weakspot for pears, this scent is a must try!

Despite notes of vanilla, amber and pear, this fragrances isn´t too sweet, it´s sweet, but more like a ripe fruity kind of sweetness then sugary, candy, cookie-like sweetness. It´s not heavy or sticky either, more like refreshing and cuddly, but a little to briks to be a spot on comfort-scent. Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear make me feel alert, happy and filled with creativity, and that is so welcomed in dark december.

It has a medium sillage and lasting power is a little weaker then Jasmine Pepper Gaiacwood Passionfruit. i belive this scent would be liked by those of you allready liking Jasmine Pepper Gaiacwood Passionfruit, but also among those of you looking for a little more refreshing and light scent. And I must say it again, this is a MUST try if you´re a pear lover!

If you´re curious to find out more about Korres and their products, you can find it here:

Pic: o-red-pears charles nowell

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