söndag 19 december 2010

2010 Wishlist

Just a few days before Christmas. I think time never runs as fast as the weeks before Christmas. I have a lot to things left to do, but at least I´ve rolled the meatballs, baked the gingerbreads and boiled the Christmas candy "knäck". I´ve also manage to buy at least 2 Christmas presents if not 3...

A coupple of days ago I´ve got this years probably finest perfume, Guerlain´s gorgeus Cuir Beluga, and if not the finest at least the most expensive not only this year, but for all the perfume I´ve ever bought. Just a few days after that I´ve got a possibility to buy another fave scent and gosh, I realised I´ve really bought a lot of perfumes during 2010. Yesterday I composed a list of all the perfume bottles I´ve bought, and they´re quite many I have to admit.
But at the same time I´ve sold a lot of samples and decants, so I´m not totally broken. And the perfumes have a great varietyt in price, from about 1-2 € and up. Actually most of them closer to 2 € then to 100€. And also some of the most affordable have proven to be some of the most gorgeous one´s (like the Egyptian perfume oils).

Some toher day I´ll write more about favorites from 2010, surprises, dissapointments and which fragarnces I´ve actually used the most. But today it´s time for some wishes from my readers. A wishlist for 2010 we can call it.

Is it anything you miss here and would love to read more about? Is there any perfume house that you´re curious about, but that I haven´t wrote anything about? Do you feel you would love to contribute as a guest blogger, please let me know and we work something out. Of course I acn´t fulfill all wishes, some scents can be really hard to get samples of and other fragrances I might not be interested to write about (if you would love to read an analytic review of all Naomi Campless scents, this isn´t the right place), I also lack of knowledge in some areas as perfume chemistry and how all that is working. But if I can make someone happy in a simple way I will try my best.

Oh, buy the way, I´ve allready got questions about the next perfume meeting. That´s a thing I love to be asked about. It´s so much fun to meet my readers and spend some time with other perfume lovers. Don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions about a perfume meeting, probably in Stockholm.

I have pretty much to do the days before Christmas, but I promise there will be some fragrances all the way from Africa here shortly, and perfumes as art, a top list and something really new also.

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  1. i have to get into the trading and swapping. thanks for the reminder and did you review the cuir beluga anywhere?

  2. x: Swapping and trading can be so much fun, but it´s also some work involved.