tisdag 4 december 2012

Antonio Visconti - Coeur de Vanille

While I haven´t update the blog for a long time, my perfume interest have still been intact. Though, it have looked a little different. Mostly I have used my favorites and it has been quite nice to not think about all the news and what to write about. New and unknown perfumes with "strange" notes I have had no urge at all to try. The order among my samples and decants became just a memory. Eventually I couldn´t find samples I knew I had somewhere and new samples came in without getting any attention. Finally, I decided to arrange and sort them all, it took almost a full day, but it was so worth it. Among all the samples I happened to find a sample of a scent I didn´t even know I had. It was this one! Antonio Visconti´s Coeur de Vanille. Oh wow! How many vanilla dominated perfumes are there room for? For this one obviously. It takes place in my absolute top of vanilla perfume, together with greatnesses like Guerlains Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, Profumums Dulcis in Fundo and Montales Vanille Absolu. In style Coeur de Vanille is most similar to Spirituese Double Vanille, since it´s a grown up and rough vanilla. The smell of vanilla (at least the typical image of it) may be one of the most comfortable vi can imagine. It´s a soft, pleasing, friendly and caressing scent. You find it in Coeur de Vanille together with smoth hazelnut and a nice but eventuallt more prominent note of cocoa. But it´s much more to it then just pleasing. Coeur de Vanille is much more complex, add some real smokey vetiver, some grey and powdery clove and a dash of aromatic and narcotic nutmeg. Well, all I can say is WOW! Amazing. Now we´re talking. Coeur de Vaille makes me think about mystic rituals, the sound of drums, flickering candles and secret societys. But, kind of in your grannies kitchen or gathered around the camp fire, what is going to happen, something unexpectet, something thrilling, something forbidden? But you feel safe, because you have your best friends with you. Isn´t that what we need to throw us self out in the unknown? At least a little bit of safety? Coeur de Vanille manage to offer the best of two worlds comfort and exitement at the same time. And wuth probably top notch raw material. It´s not exactly cheap, but quite superable for 100 ml. It´s most definitly worth the price and FB-worthy as well. It´s most spicy and smokey in the opening and some hours in, some of it goes lost and the drydown is more on the soft, gourmand side even though with a little dark bitterness from the cocoa. Lasting power is great on me, all day long. Perfect this time of year and probably work well on both men and women. Everyone looking for that grown up, dark, mystic vanilla should check this out. Coeur de Vailles makes me want to try others from Antonio Visconti. I´ve wrote a great deal about vanilla fragrances, since vanilla is fave note of mine. But, I have to ask, do you have any favorite fragarnce that manage to mix those kind of soft, cuddly, friendly notes with darkness, exitement and mystic? Isnt it exactly those kind of fragrances that manange to become favorites? One part mysterious stranger and one part best friend? ;)

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  1. I am glad you are back again ! Really enjoyed your review about Micallef . Hope your new projecte turn out very good !