onsdag 13 januari 2010

Histoires de Parfums - Tubéreuse Capricieuse

I´ve saved Tubéreuse Capricieuse until last, not because it is the worst of the four tuberose-scents from Histoires de Parfums, but because it is the hardest one to learn to know. And, honestly, I don´t think I´ve learned to know it yet. The first time I tried it, I wasn´t that impressed, the second time I discovered something that made me a little curious, the third time I realise it was better than the first impression and the forth time... well, you get it, it grows on me. And at this point, Tubéreuse Capricieuse is probably the one among the samples that I´ve tried the most times.

On my skin, Tubéreuse Capricieuse starts off so restrained it is hard to know what it is supposed to be. It is closed, undeveloped like a fist, a stone or a frozen flower bud in the winter... It is kind of slender and grey. It doesn´t smell bad, only futile and well, grey. Among Histoires de parfums tuberose-scents, this is the uggly duckling. But, it sure was a while before I realise the uggly duckling was developing towards something beautiful.

Tubéreuse Capricieuse is slow, it takes patience and time to be at it´s best. Very slowly the little, frosen bud warms up and slowly unfolds and reveal a silvery, shimmering and fragile scent. Slightly bitter, vulnerable and yes, beautiful. The notes of safron, cacao and suede gives it a murmured bitterness that reminds about a chypré, but still softening up.

If you like to be challenged by your perfumes, Tubéreuse Capricieuse is a good choice. If you like the classics and perfumes with chypré-character, I am sure you will like Tubéreuse Capricieuse as well. It might be the most long lasting of the tuberose-scents from Histoires de Parfums, at least it goes on for about 10-12 hours. And the basenote is a winner!

Tubéreuse Virginale makes me happy. 1889 Moulin Rouge makes me enchanted. Tubéreuse Animale seduces me. Tubéreuse Capricieuse baffles me.

Pic: open salon

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  1. I love your way of writing about perfume, how you describe it. It makes it very immediate and takes me to the place you are when inhaling and breathing the scent. Beautiful!

  2. Miss Nightingale: Thank you. For some reason I have a talent for it, and it´s also easy for me to figure out different notes and such...