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L'Artisan Parfumeur - Bois Farine

Do you like peanut butter? Peanut butter is one of those things you seem to either like very much or don´t care for at all. When I was small, peanut butter wasn´t available in Sweden, at least not in the little town in northern Sweden where I lived. But peanut butter was in my dreams, yes it was that bad, because I read Donald Duck and other american kids stories and they all had peanut butter sandwiches for brekfast. Me, on the other hand ate oat grain porridge to breakfast. Well, I shouldn´t complain, bescuse while I ate my porridge my parents told me to be happy, since the kids in Africa didn´t have nothing at all to eat. For some reason the kids in Africa become even more starving if I didn´t finished my porridge.

I get a little bigger, and tada, one day my local store finally get peanut butter. It was achildhood halleluya-moment I can tell you! I must have drop my jaw. It looked even better than I imagined, it was golden, smoth and creamy. The peanut butter was from Sun Pat, and wasn´t excactly cheap. As i remember a small jar costed as much as a jar of peanut butter does today. About 3-4 euro. It was quite a lot of money for an eleven year old, and my parents didn+t think we needed something that expensive, when there was much cheaper things to put on the sandwishes available.

I don´t really remember how long I had to long for the penaut butter, before I finally got me a jar. But as I recall I manage to convince my father that we needed it. And ever since that day I have been very found of peanut butter. It is soooo good! And very useful!

L'Artisan´s perfume Bois Farine smell just like peanut butter when I put it on. Actually, this is another perfume I could drink right out of the bottle. It doesn´t just smell as peanut butter, it has the same feeling also, kind of short and dry, but still creamy. Despite the amazing top note I was for a long time not really convinced that Bois farine was something for me. The top note dissapear so quickly and the rest of the perfume was so, well I didn´t become so impressed.

Still, I have my little sample left and I have tested it from time to time and slowly grew to like it. It wasn´t until this summer I started to like and really smell the rest of Bois Farine. Maybe it´s the warmth that make me like it or the fact that I slowly have starting appreciate even more subdued perfumes. Well, whatever it depends on, Bois Farine have slowly evolved from something with just an amazing topnote to a perfume filled with comfort, warmth, personality and beauty.

Sometimes I am really a slow starter! I guess I would be happy if there was a Bois Farine Extreme, if it was true to the original, just a little stronger. But really, Bois Farine doesn´t have to be stronger, now that I´ve learned to like it as it is.

Bois Farine is an oriental, floral and woody perfume. A cathegory where you can find a lot of strong and powerfull perfumes, but Bois Farine isn´t at all one of them. It´s more like Chinatown (Bond No 9) or Timbukte (also L'Artisan), subdued, light and caressing rather than noicy and big.

I am so happy that my perfume trip have take me to the place where I can appreciate and like the more light scents. When I need some olfactory peace and quite they are so comfortable to reach for. But, they´re really so much more than just that.

The head note in Bois Farine is a flower that only grows on the Reunion island in french Caribia. Appearantly the flwoer smells of flour and that´s how Bois Farine also smells when the peanut note has retired. And well, flour doesn´t smell that much. Despite that, I discover new sides of Bois Farine all the time, a subdued, soft note of flowers, little traces of nutty scent, warm woods and a soft musc. And all the time remains as powdert, dry and beautiful.

Picture yourself a beautiful, warm and exotiv forrest with trees and flowers all covered with a fine layer of white flour. That is how Bois Farine smells. It´s both linear and complex at the same time, the note of flour is there all the time, while the notes of flowers, wood and nuts shines trough once in a while, I even discover a fruity note in it.

I guess you realise what this means? I have to get me some more of it, during august I have almost emptied my little sample. I am very curous about how it would develop on my skin when I spray it on.

I guess you all have heard about L'Artisan´s newest perfume, Havane Vanille, by Bertrand Duchaufour. I mentioned it on my blog earler, and I am so curious about it. It seem like "all" the perfume bloggers have reviewed it with pleasure and I can´t wait to try it. Well, it seem like a small sample is on it´s way to me... :) Thanks for that!

Oh, and well, Bois Farine has a good sillage, but still discrete. The longvity isn´t that good, lasts not over four hours on me.

Pic: Arbres-reunion.fr

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