onsdag 26 januari 2011

The Pink Room - No 1

To try new scents is always thrilling. Some of them have nothing to add, while others smells incredible good. Some are very interesting, different or creative, while others are plain boring. some perfumes lack both heart and soul, while other has plenty of it. A lot of fragrances has nothing to say, while a few tells me stories...

The Pink Rooms first offering, No 1, is one of those fragrances that creates a fantastic dreamy story on my skin. From The Pink Room (that until now has been a quite unfamiliar brand to me) I had expect some well made and lovely scents, but really not this...

It´s a grey, windy and gloomy day in the end of january. You´re on your way home through snow slush and ice, people you meet seem to be fully occupied with getting inside as fast as possible. But suddenly, it´s like a grasp of air among the people. You look up and notice a totally stunning beauty pacing down the street. A woman escaped from the most glamorous time of Hollywood. While she´s getting closer, you can swear that she is the young and glorious beautiful Elisabeth Taylor. A young Elisabeth Taylor dressed for an red carpet walk. Wearing an amazing dress in heavy pink velvet, impeccable hair and flawless make up. All the people on the street stops and hold their breath and savors the almost magic moment. When Elisabeth Taylor slowly passes you, you can inhale the smell of her perfect perfume...

In a blink, the scenery is changing. In some way the stunningly beauty Elisabeth Taylor transforms to the pretty, carefree, flirty and girly Katy Perry! While Elisabeth Taylor walked by, the people hold their breaths but now you can see them smile and even laugh. Katy Perry might not be magic och mystic, but her aura is so happy, quirky and filled with joy that you can´t help being smitten. The grey january evening is changed to a shiny party mood.

The Pink Room No 1, sett off my imagination, but also so much more than that. The opening is a radiant, heady, strong and brilliant floral. Full-bodied, sweet, aromatic and classic. This is a scent that would have easily made Elisabeth Taylor justice during her days of glory, or chose which ever grand Hollywood starlet you prefer. If No 1 would be a a piece of clothes, it would be a glamorous vintage creation from some of the big fashion houses, vintage, but still wearable today.

During the last days I have had cravings for No 1. I can think of any better fragrance to chase the january cold and greyness away. The notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose is so glowing, heady and big that they become magnificent. No 1 isn´t a perfume for the modest or shy, this is a fragrances that easily ends up wearing you, but sometimes I like that. When it comes to No 1, I love it!

But, somewhere in the middle, No 1 is drastically changing. The huge, classis floral is fading a little and a softer, still floral, but also vanilla laced scent is getting up on the stage. No 1 is now becoming girly, flirty, modern and happy without being childish. very mood lifting, energetic and fun. The jasmine, but even more, the lily of the valley is slowly dissapearing, while the violet becomes more noticable. together with the rose, they create that smell of expensive, creamy lipstick that I love in fragrances. Suddenly No 1 is as made for Kay Perry when she looks the most girly, quirky and flirty fun you can imagine.

The best thing with No 1, is that I love it from start to finnish. Maybe the transformation from classic, huge floral glamour to modern pop princess is a bit abrupt, but that is also for me a reason to like it even more. It´s full fo surprise, happyness and elegance. Both in the opening and base No 1 smells so good I´m having troubble to stop sniffing my wrist. From start to end, No 1 smells well made, luxurious and full bodied.

The sillage is, partculary from start, really big, but getting a little more gentle after a while. It has good lasting power (5-6 hours on me). In my opinion No 1 is a really feminin scent, but that wouldn´t stop perfume interested men from trying a really grand floral. It might be No 1´s hugeness that can cause troubble to some. I´ve heard people saying they have no clothes that would match such a grand perfume, others got headache from it. Thankfully, non of that goes for me. No 1 is probably among the best "larger then life" florals that I have tried. Really FB-worthy if you ask me. :)

You can read more about The Pink Room here: http://www.pinkroom.co.uk/

Pic: Elisabeth Taylor
Katy Perry

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