onsdag 23 juni 2010

Honore des Pres - Vamp á NY

Vamp á NY isn´t the first scent I try from Honore des Pres, and my personal favorite among the one´s I tried before is Sexy Angelic a subtle, soft and whispering scent with almost airy almond gourmand quality. Vamp á NY is a totally different kind of scent. On me it starts with a strong and powerful tuberose note blended with something that smells smoky, but also something that to my nose smells almost like cucumber, but not as watery as cucumber actually smells like for real. This initial blast wears off quite quickly and Vamp á NY soon become more about tuberose then about cucumber. The weak smoky note also dissapears, but instead a heavy dose of sweetness occurs.

To be honest this phase smells much more like coke and tuberose on my skin, then what it´s supposed to smell, rhum and tuberose. I´m searching after the rhum accord without any succes, I can´t find anything smelling like liqeuor on my skin at all. No, Vamp á NY is a sweet, fully blossoming tuberose scent with pronounced gourmand features. I think of Vamp á NY as a happy, summery kind of tuberose scent even though it´s so sweet, it´s sweet without being sticky or too sweet.

When thinking about it this fragrances smells like some kind of healthy, modern but also sparkling soft drink, some kind of trendy ice tea perhaps? Yes, there is definitly something reminding me of tea, but tea served cold that is. I like the scent, but I find it to be quite linear, when I´m finnished with figuring out what I think it smells like, it goes on that way for a long time. Consisting of a huge part tuberose, but still on the softer side among tuberoses, one part fresh sweetness and another part of some kind of tea... I´m enjoying it, it´s soft, likeable and pretty, but I don´t find it to be that special, even though I can´t think of any other scent featuring tuberose that reminds of it. Vamp á NY is quite unique, but yet, in my opinion, lack something that makes it stand out.

Being a 100% natural scent the longvity is impressing though, I put it on at night and can still smell it lingering around next morning. The sillage is also nice and noticable. During dry down Vamp á NY become less sweet and with a pleasant woody note that seem to rise from the tea accord, the tuberose is very present all the time and the last thing remaining before the scent slowly wears off.

In comparision my skin chemistry seem to make most scents leaning to the sweeter side. For some reason my skin also makes some smoke/incense notes smelling like coke... Vamp á NY is an interesting, well made and different tuberose scent, but it isn´t really a tuberose scent for me. Strange thing is that I belive I love tuberose in perfumes, but after all there is only one tuberose scent that I really love, and that is Frederic Malle´s Carnal Flower.

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