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Today we´re heading to Costa Rica´s rainforest. No, not really but we shall learn to know a new line of perfumes, Costamore, inspired by the beautiful nature of Costa Rica. Elisabeth Wright, settled in California, but half Costarican wanted to re-create her happy and beautiful memories from childhood visits in Costa Rica.

For me as a frost-bited Swedish, Costa Rica comes close to my imaginations of paradise. Beautiful nature, greenery, flowers, butterflies, turqoise sea bays, beaches and magnificent mountains. The fact that Costa Rica also is one of Latinamerikas most prosperous and democratic (and stable) countries don´t make it any worse, right? Costa Rica have struggled to maintain their rainforest for a long while and are way ahead many countries when it comes to eco-tourism. And, Costa Rica is also one of very few countries that has no army/military what so ever. Doesn´t that sound like a place to visit?

Well, Costamor offers, this far, four different scents. Tabacca, Sugarwood, Beachwood and Dulcess all of them are EdP.

Dulcess is closest to a fruityfloral, the scent of fruits and flowers that lures butterflies. On me, the top note smells a little lika Aqualina´s Pink Sugar, but softer, lighter and not as sweet. I don´t get that impressed, but after a while Dulcess is changing and become more creamy, smoth and flowery. Now, I think it´s closing in to the smell of a jungle filled with lush flowers and ripe fruits. Dulcess evolves to a quite vibrant and loud tropical floral fiesta. Good longvity and good sillage.

Beachwood is the smell of long sandy beaches, sea and driftwood. This is a little odd take on aquatic, lets call it a woody aquatic. The aquatic accord is quite warm, and makes me think more of warm, turqoise and tropcal waters than on cold and stormy oceans. The notes of wood become more and more obvious and at the same time the aquatic note retires. During the base note the wood has become warm, dry and soft and also a nice nuance of sweet creaminess from coconut. Just as Dulcess this is a longlasting scent with plenty of sillage.

Just as the name suggest, Tabacca is a tobacco scent. If Dulcess and Beachwood aren´t really my cups of tea, Tabacca is. For start it´s sweet, golden and sticky aplle tobacco. Actually it smells exactly as the apple tobacco you can buy to water pipes. And, this I like. The sweetness and moist stays for a good while, but suddenly I discover that Tabacca has developed into something else. Now, it has become a embrasive, dry and genuin scent of smoking cigars and cigarettes. Somewhere along the road, Tabacca has left the Tropics and left me in a Brittish gentlemen´s club... and that isn´t a bad place to be either. Now, Tabacca remind me a little of Ava Luxe´s Film Noir, but slightly softer and maybe easier to wear. Tabacca has also good lasting power and sillage.

But really, my favorite of the four has become Sugarwood. With note of sugar cane, just such a thing! And it´s sweet, but not too sweet, at least not on me. It smells like if sugar would be fresh, green, aromatic, juicy and I guess that is what sugar smells like when it still is sugar canes!? I have never encountered any sugar canes in real life, so for me the sugar cane note in Sugarwood is totally unique and unlike everything I know of (OK, maybe there is a hundred of different scents out there with the same scent, but if so I haven´t tried them.. yet, and I will write more about similarities soon, but that hasn´t got anything to do with the Costamor fragrances). Just like the other scents from Costamor, Sugarwood is changing quite drastically. From comforting green sweetness to something different, not entirely different though. Now a note of caramellised, almost burnt sugar develops and from juicy it goes towards soft, warm woods. A total change, but still a logic one...

Non of the scents from Costamor seem to be so complicated, but they are warm, happy and partly, different. The basenote in all four scents are very concrete, and even though it´s differs from the top-and heart it´s still very belivable. Fresh sugar become burnt sugar. Golden, sweet tobacco becomes smoky tobacco. Aquatic notes and wet wood becomes coconut and dried woods. Cotton candy and caramell changes and becomes flowers and fruits (real thing compared to manufactured sweets).

You can find more information about Costamore here: http://www.costamor.com/
For now, you can buy Sugarwood and Tabacca at Luckyscent, but also directly at the Costamore homepage.

Until I go to Costa rice for real, I have to settle with sniffing on Sugarwood, and I do that with pleasure. Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Is it as fantastic and beautiful as I imagine? Or do you suggest some other paradise that are as good?

Coming up... some fumes from New York as well as some more Italian, and I´ve been doing some research that I´ll publish here soon...

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