fredag 2 oktober 2009

Ormonde Jayne - Ormonde Woman

When I tried Ormonde Jayne´s Ormonde Woman for the first time my perfume interest was newly awaked. I had just recently realised how many perfumes it was out there and I was super enthusiastic and didn´t have a clue where to start or pretty much anything else.

I happen to get my hands on samples of Ormonde Woman, Ormonde Man and Tolu. All of the samples was allready used and there wasn´t so much left in them. Among them, I liked Tolu the best, then, and Ormonde Man I happened to spill all over my husband so even tough he smelled good, I never get a chanse to analyse or get to know the scent. Ormonde Woman was the one I didn´t liked so much.

Since I didn´t really liked any of them so much then, I haven´t yet tried anything else from ormonde Jayne. But there has been some kind of attraction going on anyway, much thanks to the very estetic style of Ormonde Jayne perfumes and the internet site

Anyway, now I am sitting here with a new sample of Ormonde Woman, and oh yes, something has happened since I´ve first tried it. Well, the scent itself hasn´t change, so it´s me that has changed. I have tried so many perfumes since the first time I tried Ormonde Woman and finally I´ve got the key to "get it". Now I happen to belive that you of course can appreciate Ormonde Woman even if it would be the first niche perfume you try. But, for me there was some sniffing around before I´ve learn to enjoy it.

Still, I can´t really say that Ormonde Woman is so much "me", actually it´s still quite different from what I usually love when it comes to perfume. Ormonde Women is a modern chypre, a scent family I usually can have some troubbles with, even to I´ve learned to like modern chypres more and more.

And as far as I can tell, there isn´t any oakmoss in here, or at least non that I can smell, if it is I guess it´s lightly used and only contribute to the scents full-bodied and interesting atmosphere.

One thing that´s hard to say about Ormonde Woman is that it isn´t either hot or cold. It´s just perfect, everything feels just enough in it. In my opinion this is what make Ormonde Woman as a very interesting alternative during autumn. The top notes are kind of lively green, but even tough nice, it´s when the scent starts to warm up on my skin the interesting part starts.

This morning when I woke up it was biting cold and frosty outside, but the sun warm everything up and about lunch time it´´s usually lovely autumn weather with clear, high and sunny sky. It´s that kind of forrest I walk trough when wearing Ormonde Woman. Yes, there is flowers in it, but they more of underscore the woodsy, fur tree atmosphere (black hemlock!) than make it a floral scent. The moss under my feets is still a bit frosen, but the sun beams find their ways trough the trees and slowly warm the forrest up.

This is absolutly not a forrest walk with picknick and bonfire, now this is the forrest when the forrest itself is just enough. I find Parfumerie Generale´s Drama Nuui to be a jasmine scent worthy a beautiful elvish (or is it elfish?) woman and Omonde Jayne´s Ormonde Woman falls in the same cathegory I think. If Drama Nuui is a beautiful, sheer yet woody jasmine perfume for a elf princess Ormonde Woman is more of a perfume for an elf queen. If Drama Nuui is Arwen, then Ormonde Woman is more of Galadriel. Both of them manage to capture a spell binding, enchanting and fairytale-like feeling. A spirit of long past times.

I am so happy to finally enjoy Ormonde Woman, there´s few perfumes with such a dreamy and serene spirit. Ormonde Woman also has the air of exclusive ingredients and exquisite work, Linda Pilkington have made an excellent work. Ormonde Woman also got a good sillage and lasts for a long time. Now when i´ve re-discovered Ormonde Woman I am much more curious about the other offerings from Ormonde Jayne.

Do you have any favourites from Ormonde Jayne?

Pic: Skoonberg, Etsy

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  1. I LOVE this scent-- I think it goes through several phases: green, to woody, to incense, to something much softer. It is rather strange and austere, though. I have yet to try anything else from OJ, but I have some samples all lined up and waiting.

    --Rita @leftcoastnose

  2. Hi Rita!

    Yes, it´s also quite different. I am very curious about OJs Champaca, but don´t seem to come around and actually order it for some reason.