torsdag 16 april 2009

Annick Goutal - Songes

When it comes to describing a perfume with words there is a lot of different thing that can help, to compare a perfume to a colour, a song, a person or a memory are some. The perfumes I´ve tried before from Annick Goutal is all something that I like to compare with watercolours. Light, transparent and, sorry enough, on me kind of bland and watery. The little I´ve smell has been nice and pleasant, but my skin chemistry or if it is my sense of smell, demand something stronger. And that was it, for a long time, until I´ve got a little sample of Songes in a swap. Honestly I didn´t tried it immediatly, but after a while I decide to give it a try. And wow, am I glad I did? Oh yes! Songes isn´t like anything else I´ve tried from Annick Goutal, but still it has a feeling of transparence and ease. Songes do sing on my skin, and it is a seductive song.
Songes make me think of the petite, fragile and yet strong and magnetic french singer Edith Piaf. Songes seduces me, once again I am almost hypnotised by a perfume. Songes has an almost magnetic attraction to me, I forget about other perfumes and all I can think of is Songes. Of course I´ve checked out how to get more of it. Because I will definitly need more!
Songes is the most deliciously scented flowers in a garden a dark, cool summer night. Jasmine so exquisit that it is vibrant, and the other flowers (ylang-ylang, tiare and frangipani) are caressing, powdery and soft. The vanilla adds sweetness and warmt but the icing on the cake is the wonderful and lingering note of light incense. All this together make a sensual, sofisticated, elegant and very, very beautiful perfume. I find Songes wonderful, but it is really perfume for special occations. Wear Songes on a romantic and intimiate evening with your darling.
Songes is amazingly longlasting and with good sillage. Compared to others (I´ve tried) from Annick Goutal it is heavy, but still manage to keep the feeling of thin lightness.
I am so grateful I´ve got the chanse to try Songes. But it maked me want to try all the others from Annick Goutal, it may be some other hidden gems among them. Do you have some Annick Goutal favourites? If I like Songes, who among the others could be right up my alley?

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  1. Hi, how are you?!?!

    I loved your blog and the Annick Goutal reviews!!! I am ADDICTED to Annick Goutal's scents!!! I own 15 bottles!!! Hahaha My top favorite is Eau de Charlotte... it was love at first sniff!!! At that time, I didn't like almost none of her fragrances!!! Then, the time passed and I grew to love each one of them!!! Now, I only say "no" to one or two of those I've tried!!! I'm so crazy!!! Hahaha

    So... you asked about one similar to Songes!!! I think I can say GRAND AMOUR... it's got lots of white flowers, especially lily... with a honeyed note (I think it's honeysuckle) and a light green touch... making me remind of mature ladies!!! It's slightly powdered but still light!!!

    HEURE EXQUISE isthe most powdery I've ever tried... a mix of iris and rose with a vanilla e sandalwood base!!!

    GARDENIA PASSION is an intense floral!!! It has the white flower but has got an earthy (humid earth) feeling... not creamy as songes!!!

    And similar to Charlotte... I can say VANILLE EXQUISE... because its gourmand feeling!!! EAU DE CAMILLE... slightly powdered as Charlotte... but it goes to the green side!!! And PETITE CHERIE... as light as Charlotte... fresh, sweet... it makes you want to embrace yourself... it's very romantic!!!

    And now they've launched LE MIMOSA... tha can be mixed with Charlotte, Vanille and Petite Cherie.. I'm getting crazy to have it!!!


    I hope you can try all of them!!!

    Big hugs from Brazil,

    Guilherme Venditti :)